Proper Branding on Twitter Creates Revenue

Personal Branding

Don’t you find using Twitter to be a great waste of time?”

Upon hearing that question, I offer a resounding reply of, “No!” In fact, Twitter is my all-time favorite business tool. In addition to having made many wonderful friends on Twitter, due to the visibility there, I was able to attract incredible opportunities that would not otherwise have been offered.

In my experience, it is well worth the time to learn the success strategies that quickly enable the building of relationships and business. As tweeting becomes a part of your daily branding effort, you become very noticeable. Tweeting correctly makes the difference. Offering your insights is equal to marketing samples serving to increase revenue. In 140 character spaces or less this may all be accomplished, making it the most efficient business-building tool I have ever encountered.

The better techniques outlined below are offered to help you to attract your preferred audience and enjoy an improved outcome. On other sites you may have concerns about connecting with some individuals, Twitter announces everyone’s brand to the world revealing upfront whether the connection will be a good match.

Consider your brand. How you communicate and what you choose to say and re-state will be noticed by others. Your choices reflect the person you truly are. Therefore, be selective. Consistency in tweeting is another key element for developing your following.

Twitter is an excellent training ground for succinctly saying what we are thinking. Twitter allows 140 character spaces in each message. However a sales motto is, “Make it easy for the other party to say Yes!” In this case, you want to make it easy for others to re-tweet you. To do so, use less than 140 spaces. For example:

@smoothsale is my handle.

For someone to re-tweet me giving appropriate credit could look like this:
RT @smoothsale Address objections or limitations upfront prior to attempting to sell. For more advice visit:

From this example, you can see that the RT @smoothsale “ requires 15 character spaces. Therefore, in order to make it easy for someone to re-tweet me, I may only use a maximum of 125 spaces. Do the math to encourage re-tweets of your quotes.

Reciprocity goes a long way in anything you do. On your home page of Twitter, you will see a timeline. Next to your handle there will be @mentions. Press that link to see who has been re-tweeting or mentioning you. Thank each person for having mentioned you. Next, press their link to see what they have tweeted. If they have messaged thoughts with which you resonate, by all means re-tweet them. In this case, you might also take the time to see who they follow and who follows them for possible new connections.

As you select new people to follow, check they tweet frequently and offer tweets that speak 100% to your belief system. Are they offering value to the audience or simply making requests? Does the person have a close range of followers versus following? This reflects a willingness to reciprocate.

Thank everyone who either re-Tweets you or who includes you in a mention. Showing appreciation leads to building relationships, friendships and business.

Daily attention to building your Twitter account will bring about greater awareness of your personal brand, business and leads to increasing your revenue. Used properly, it all becomes a very Smooth Sale!



Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale, LLC authored the International Best-Selling book, “Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results” and “HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On Interviews”. Elinor is available for consultation and greatly enjoys delivering inspirational keynotes at conferences.