Positive Attitude

It’s up to you to start and kindle the fire in you. No one can do it for you. A spouse might push you, a boss who sees potential might press you, a life-changing situation (divorce, death of someone close, job termination, birth of a child, or something else) might prompt a flicker. As is true of any fire, whatever ignition you start with will fizzle out if you don’t continuously feed the fire.

CEOs tell me that they want people:

Who are full of ambition and goals.

Who sing—well, silently hum—at work.

Who stretch themselves every day and who always have new challenges they’re hankering to take on.

Who get an emotional kick out of any accomplishment.

Who are juiced (in the non-steroid way) every morning to get out of bed and go for it.

Are hungry (figuratively).

Are afraid of not fulfilling their destiny.


So it’s up to you to seek excellence in the execution of the job at hand regardless of whether you work for a waste treatment plant, a herpes medication company, or even a politician.

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