Retiree Faces Reduced Benefits Over SSA Misidentification

"Reduced Benefits"

Everlon Moulton, a retiree dependent on Social Security, is now grappling with reduced benefits due to an unfortunate payment mishap linked to her deceased brother. Despite her innocence, financial responsibility fell on her after her mother’s demise when her brother’s financial matters were wrongly attributed to her.

An administrative slip-up triggered a misidentification, resulting in a significant reduction in her monthly income. For Moulton, a woman just trying to meet her basic living costs, this mistake has launched her into a stressful battle for justice and income restoration.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has the authority to recover excess Supplemental Security Income payments as per Congress-set rules. Consequently, Moulton faces a $233 cut from her monthly benefits, even though she didn’t profit from this error. This reduction brought about significant apprehension for Moulton, given the crucial nature of these funds for her everyday expenses.

Moulton, a veteran of Baltimore City Schools, expressed her discontent, declaring, “This is my money I earned…this is my money.” She reiterated her displeasure at the school system, lamenting that many dedicated former employees, herself included, were left in the lurch in their retirement phase.

Looking to dispute the decision, she has managed to temporarily stall the overpayment issue. As she waits for the final verdict in 60 days, she remains steadfast and well-prepared for all possible outcomes. “I’m ready to face whatever the SSA final decision might be,” she asserted.

Experts recommend constant monitoring of Social Security checks to avoid cases like Moulton’s—which point to more severe financial issues for those reliant on their Social Security. Vigilance like this is not just vital for personal finance, but also indicates potential systemic concerns that need addressing.