Save Time and Money When Interviewing Candidates

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Do you want to save time and money on interviewing? If your answer is yes, then read the rest of the article to find out how.

Time has changed and technology has changed but companies are struggling to keep up with technology and still prefer to do things such as interviewing candidates the old way. Most companies have at least two rounds of interviews before hiring the right candidate. Generally the first round is a phone interview and the rest of the rounds are on-site interviews. In my opinion, a phone interview is very inefficient since you cannot see the candidate. You cannot be sure if the candidate has a paper in front of him/her and reading the answers to your questions from that paper or if the candidate is looking at search engines to find out the best answers to popular interview questions. Therefore, for the first round, I recommend video interviewing.

Previously video interviewing was expensive and complicated. You used to need to have special equipment and software. However, thanks to Skype, Microsoft Lync, Google Hangout and others, video interviewing is now cheap, simple and easy. By video interviewing your candidates, you can both save money on your office phone and save time since you are seeing the actual candidate and you know he/she is not reading the answers from a paper. You can save more money with video interviewing on candidates who live in a different city or country given that you don’t need to fly them out to your office to meet them. You can video interview with a few candidates first and then, fly out the one which you are potentially going to hire.

Other advantages of video interviewing are you can record the interview and watch it with others in the office or if necessary, you can review it later. You can also compare candidates’ answers during the interview with each other.  Moreover, video interviewing provides a more personal feel compared to phone interviewing since you can relate the candidate’s name and voice to a face. Therefore, when you revisit the candidate’s resume, you can remember him/her much easier. Furthermore, you can better identify the exceptional candidates in video interviews since it is visual and you are not only hearing a voice. For all of these, I suggest employers switch to video interviewing instead of phone interviewing.