Self Publishing Your First Branded Book is Easier Than You Think

Personal Branding
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Establishing a trusted personal brand starts with great content. Writing about your expertise is more possible than ever with a self published book. While traditional publishing is still a good option you, as an author, do not have the availability of marketing your own work.

A personal brand’s reputation online is built through a strong message. This is in turn can open the doors for more opportunities. With a well laid out plan, a professional design and precise editing your book is built on authority, and answers the pressing questions of your target market.

How can your brand make self publishing work for you? Through understanding your niche and writing books that are both professional and appeal to the needs and desires of your community.

A compelling topic will certainly get noticed along with a working with a professional editor and developing a smart marketing plan. In order to be effective there are a few key strategies to use:

How to successfully publish your brand’s book

There are several ways to create more visibility for your next publication.

  • Find out who your target market is – Who will your book will appeal to? You can discover this through your social media statistics as well as your website’s data in order to gain a better understanding of who is interested in your brand. Through this process your brand can learn more about your audience’s pain points, which improves your chances of being seen among thousands of other publishers online.
  • Start the marketing process before writing – The marketing strategy of your book should come well in advance of actually writing it. Build up your social platforms along with your blog with an engaged and interested audience — these will be the initial fan base you will be appealing to. This will build anticipation and an interested community before your work is even published.
  • Decide on the format – Once your book is edited and designed the next step is to decide whether this will be in print, as a eBook, or provided in both formats. This will depend upon your initial budget and the type of audience you are appealing to.

Your brand can be the go-to resource for your target market with your own book publication. By using the right resources and methods you can successfully build a strong marketing plan and image online that is just as professional as working with a traditional publishing house.