Simple Steps to Build Your Personal Brand’s Author Platform

Personal Branding

book-25155_640Both digital and traditional publishing are a great way to build a fan base for your personal brand. It takes the right research and planning to make this successful in a very competitive environment for your niche.

Are you working on a book this year? By focusing on the right target market and staying diligent in your marketing efforts you can attract readers to your brand.

Next to blogging a book can help improve your visibility as well as become a sales generator for your personal brand. A professional website that captures leads along with great content to showcase your knowledge and expertise is essential.

How to launch a successful book publishing venture for your brand

There are several ways you can make a name for yourself and establish authority as an author.

  • Dedicate a domain for your name or book – Many brands continue to write a series of books thus making it necessary to mold your branding around your name rather than just a single publication. Choosing a specific domain name on a self hosted platform will help your audience recognize your name and presents a professional persona.
  • Publish regular blog content – A website is not enough to showcase your brand’s book. It takes a build up of an audience who is interested in what you have to offer to be successful. Make a plan to connect a blog and publish there at least two times a week. Once you have a solid list of subscribers you will be able to leverage these contacts to spread the word before your book is published.
  • Share to social media – We all know how important it is to have a presence on the major social networks. But equal to this is to actively share and engage with your community on a regular basis in order to establish trust and authority in your niche. As you approach your fans and followers in a meaningful way you will open the door of opportunity once you have an official publication being released.
  • Join groups online – There are a variety of social networks that allow you to network with like-minded professionals without the need to sell your book to them directly. By building relationships in these places your brand can participate in what they are offering, which can create guest blogging opportunities and an interest in your company.

When it comes to publishing for your personal brand it’s essential to maintain a human element that is up to date with the latest technology and trends online. As you build your marketing strategy plan ahead of time at least a year in advance to your book being officially published.