How to Grow Better Social Media Platforms

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Marketers of social media are well aware of the changing online trends. To keep current, we need to adapt our platforms to new algorithms.

Marketers of social media are well aware of the changing online trends. To keep current, we need to adapt our platforms to new algorithms.

Marketers of social media are well aware of the constant evolution of social media’s changing nature. We must keep up to date with changes in the algorithm of platforms, then adapt our strategies and modify our advertisements.

To conform to new guidelines as well as best practices, alter the size of any photos that aren’t optimized…then plan for the next major announcement before resuming the process. As social media evolves it’s imperative to ensure that we remain at the top of our game. Not only for our customers but for our own viability. Here are some suggestions that might help.

1. Make use of social media educational platforms.

Similar to a gym that can help keep our bodies in shape, every social media platform has its own training resources. They keep us up to date on the most effective practices and best techniques regardless of our experience level.

Veteran social media marketers know that using these tools to learn regularly keeps their skills sharp. It also helps in providing top-of-the-line services to clients.

Certain platforms provide training for free, while others require payment. Some provide a mix of paid and free educational tools. Certain platforms, such as Facebook, Blueprint, and Twitter Flight School, offer extensive training tools. Others such as Pinterest Academy are not nearly as comprehensive.

2. Follow the social media experts.

Managers depend on their team members to be knowledgeable. As we look through content, though, it can be difficult to find time to stay on top of the latest practices and updates.

Focus on educational social media platforms to help deal with the daily fires that constantly break out.

A strong leader should be aware of the current trends in the field. We need to be able to depend on the people who do their jobs to be experts on every social media platform. They can act not just as a news source, but also as an aggregate of all the elements which make up social media.

To stay up to date with the various platforms, stay in touch with the “Queen of Facebook” Mari Smith for all things Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Jon Loomer is a must-know source to consult for Facebook advertising. Mark Schaefer is great for everything marketing through content — and some positive inspiration and workday happiness. Madalyn Sklar is known for her Twitter expertise. And there are many others.

You can keep track of Social Media Today and Social Media Examiner as two of the top places on the internet for more information. Also, don’t forget to keep track of the social media sites’ official pages, accounts, and blogs.

3. Let the experts help you.

Get your day started by taking a few minutes to check your inbox. Prior to turning on Slack or taking part in your morning meetings.

Making time in the morning to settle in is not just a good way to start your day, but will also give you time to get information from reliable sources. Some of the best newsletters to keep up to date are SmartBrief of Social Business, Social Media Today’s publication, Digiday Daily as well as Social Pro Daily from Adweek. These are only a handful of the newsletters that provide important information that will influence the daily social media decisions we make.

Certain social platforms offer their own newsletters such as Facebook’s Facebook for Business as well as Twitter to Business which you can sign up to receive.

4. Embrace the practice of setting up alerts.

Setting up a Google Alert with keywords is another method to remain on top of the latest news.

When policies and best practices change, this affects social media platforms. It’s beneficial for social media marketing professionals to learn and stay current on how to make the most of these platforms. It’s not necessary to invest long hours doing this. However, it’s crucial to make use of the resources online readily available.

Better Days Ahead

There are better days ahead for social media marketers. Despite the challenges of the pandemic and subsequent financial flip-flops, social media remains a strong industry.

In fact, social media is the bedrock upon which marketing must anchor itself. Otherwise, the unpredictable future, which grows more unpredictable every passing day will wash away profitability. So take to heart the above advice and observations to weather the storm.