St. Louis Man Accused of $50,000 Commercial Burglaries

"Commercial Burglaries"

66-year-old St. Louis resident David Hammond stands accused of a string of commercial burglaries on South Grand Boulevard on August 20 and 24, 2023. Caught on camera, Mr. Hammond was later arrested on August 26 and now faces various charges including burglary and theft.

The stolen items, predominantly electronic devices, are reported to carry a combined value of over $50,000. As he now remains in custody at the St. Louis County Jail, the public anxiously wait for his preliminary trial, scheduled for October 1.

Evidences suggest that Mr. Hammond used a rugged stone to smash the glass entrances of two establishments, perpetrated his intrusion under the cover of darkness, and swiped the cash registers, each holding funds in excess of $750. Fortunately, no casualties resulted from these incidents, but the property damage was substantial.

These crimes didn’t only result in economic losses, but also in increased insecurity within the community. With the perpetrator being elusive, local residents have been left feeling victimized, despite reinforced security measures in the area.

Not a first-time offender, Hammond’s criminal record dates back to his offenses in 1974. The charges he is currently facing include two counts each of second-degree burglary, first-degree property destruction, and theft. With him awaiting trial without the option for bail, the police are encouraging anyone with additional information to come forward.

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