Students Enhance Skills, Boost Gallery Appeal

Skills Enhancement

West Liberty University graphic design students recently teamed up with a local gallery in Wheeling’s Centre Market area for a practical project underpinning their professional development.

This unique collaboration involved the development of a brand-new image for the gallery, requiring strategic creativity, accurate audience identification, and the crafting of a visually compelling brand aesthetic aligning with the gallery’s ethos.

The outcome? A flurry of art enthusiasts attracted to the gallery, thanks to the students’ incredible design efforts. The successful project didn’t just enhance their skills, it provided crucial real-world experience, boosting their employability within the competitive realm of graphic design.

More than just a simple image, the project saw the students create an entire brand identity, with the gallery owner’s desire for a “simple yet powerful design reflecting the essence of Wheeling” at the project’s heart. The final logo visually communicates this, perfectly encapsulating Wheeling’s unique architecture and vibrant arts scene.

Runner-up Sydney Bodak spoke highly of the project, emphasizing its pivotal role in developing a keen understanding of client needs. She asserted that such experiences foster better communication strategies, leading to more meaningful and efficient solutions.

Moonjung Kang, a professor from the university’s Graphic Design department, mirrored this sentiment, stressing the importance of learning that extends beyond classroom instruction alone. Real-world experience, according to her, develops a sense of creativity and curiosity invaluable in students’ future careers.

Jacqueline Pena, the project’s winner, expressed her delight at seeing her design displayed at the gallery. The passionate environment offered by the gallery and the appreciation shown by visitors for her design made the experience highly fulfilling for Pena.

Alongside the invaluable experiences, the project also rewarded the top three students with monetary awards. Interested students are encouraged to contact Prof. Kang or the university for similar opportunities. Prof. Kang further lauded the far-reaching opportunities offered by the university’s Graphic Design program.