The traditional signs of a successful brand will be the welcomed repeat business, referrals and testimonials. These are driven by trust, attention paid to customer service and delivering far beyond expectations.

Consistency is key

You may translate these techniques easily to social media. Become seen as the expert on the social media sites you visit. Respond to the people and groups with whom you feel synergy. Consistency in everything you do including words, actions and deeds is a requirement.

1. Add personal comments on Facebook
2. Reply to people who write or comment about your activities
3. Promote others whose activities you admire
4. Retweet quotes that inspire you on Twitter
5. On Twitter, provide mostly helpful tips without links to attract followers
6. Accept invitations to connect only with those who you feel a synergy
7. Provide testimonials for those you admire
8. When asked for feedback, reply honestly but diplomatically
9. Commit to continued education in areas that will improve business

All of the above tips will help to get you noticed and build trust in the services you provide. A recommended site to track how well you are doing ~ It will give you an in-depth view of how you are perceived on social media. You may find it worthwhile to use as a gauge for further building of your brand.

On a local level, have you analyzed the groups where you network in person? Are they bringing an ROI to make up for the time and money spent? I was just asked to speak at an event that did not sound as if it would further my reputation as a well-received speaker or business leader. In fact, it may damage what I have already built. I know better than to let ego get in the way and so I declined the speaking “opportunity”.

Instead, I focus on, and recommend you do the same, my ideal targeted audience. Newer entrepreneurs need to do some soul searching to understand with whom they have the best synergy and are most likely to develop business.

Speaking in their language

Whether new or seasoned, you need to study how your prospects and clients prefer to conduct business, their vocabulary and hear their expression of goals and desires. When you speak to your clientele’s interests, you have a far greater chance of securing business and receiving repeat business, referrals and testimonials.

When prospects and clients observe you launching new services on a higher playing field they take notice. Your delivery must be impeccable and this is where the education becomes a necessity. Executed well this strategy becomes an incredible public relations campaign noting your expertise.

Entrepreneurship is definitely for those willing to take calculated risks, admit they do not know everything but who are determined to keep on learning, and those who work for continual improvement

When you are able to put all of the elements together of marketing, business development and sales together effectively you develop the belief you will succeed, the vision for how that success will look, and the plan to make it happen.

This is the definition of a successful brand that reaps rewards and one enjoying the Smooth Sale!