Launching  or re-launching your personal brand? The best target audience is the toughest to get. You need to be known by Very Powerful People. Visibility and connections with your industry’s VPPs gets you faster traction and a sharper trajectory, whether you’re looking for a new job, ready to leave one field for another, or want to become a thought leader yourself.

Very Powerful People

For your personal VPPs campaign, try these proven Twitter outreach techniques. Your goal? When VPPs search their names, you and your tweets show up. Don’t implement all of these tactics at once – because you’ll seem like a stalker!

1. Follow your VPPs on Twitter. They may follow back automatically. When they do, send a direct message. EX: Looking forward to your insights on blogging for personal branding – will share some too!

2. Spark a dialogue. Link your content or tout a source when you direct message a few times each quarter. EX: Chris, do you agree with Meg? Why Personal Branding Matters In Job Search

3. Mention VPPs in your Twitter posts. Show how you put VPPs insights into action. EX: @nancerosen 2011 pledge rocked my resolutions – leaving family business after years of agony

4. Retweet VPPs. Emphasize a benefit you got. EX: Cut my SM time by half. RT @grahamlubie on Twitter overload 

5. Tweet links to VPPs books, blogs and other content. EX: Inspiring calendar found thru @GuyKawasaki.

6. Tweet when you attend an event (live or online) where VPPs appear. EX: @DanSchawbel on Harvard campus today: you are not too young to make an impact even before graduating.

7. Tweet links to your VPPs YouTube videos. EX: Introducing your boss to social media? See @KarlKasca Twitter basics:

On all your social media sites, make sure your content represents the personal brand you want to project. You get one chance to make a great first impression with VPPs and the rest of us.