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    How to Achieve More

    It never fails, when one important project is at hand, several more appear at the same time. The problem becomes how to keep your promise of finishing all of it in a timely manner. Soon the question becomes a quandary because there just doesn’t appear to be enough hours in the day.

    – Habits of …

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    Capitalizing on The War for Talent

    There is a hot conversation going on in a lot of businesses.

    Most every business is facing a challenge related to hiring, retaining and training employees.

    And, if they don’t feel the pain now they will in a few years. It is estimated that by 2020 there will be shortfall of 18 million people to …

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    What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Astronauts?

     “It’s not like astronauts are braver than other people; we’re just meticulously prepared.”

    – Astronaut Chris Hadfield, Canadian astronaut and commander of the International space station

    Surprisingly, entrepreneurs may learn profound lessons from astronauts. Astronauts are trained to be expert pilots, but it is their tremendous courage, ability to perform while living on the edge, …

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