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    How to Connect Outside Your Network Without Leaving Your Chair

    The COVID-19 pandemic may have put a pause on in-person networking opportunities, but that’s no excuse to stop building connections entirely. In times like these, meeting new people and forming new partnerships is more important than ever — you never know who might be able to offer you a lifeline when you need it most, …

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    3 Ways To Focus Your Networking For Success

    Having to run a business can take someone through the mufti-tasking Olympics on top of being an emotional roller coaster.  How do you stay on top of all the marketing you’re doing?

    I hope you’re measuring your marketing.

    Be it for yourself as a personal brand or for your small business which is often an …

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    2 Ways to Get to Know Who You Know

    Ready to take your networking to the next level of success?

    There are two practices that are the cornerstone to success in getting to know who you know:

    Use social media to earn a face to face meeting Thank them and follow-up Use social media to deepen the connection

    Use online and offline networking in …

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    Mistakes to Avoid When Networking

    Everybody agrees that networking plays a crucial part in our careers whether it is for finding a new job or a new client or just passing and sharing knowledge. However, not everybody is doing it right. If you want to network successfully and get noticed by the person you want to connect with, you should …

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    Networking Buddies (When BNI Failed, I Won)

    There are many folks who are strong believers in BNI and how it has helped them grow their businesses. For me, BNI never helped. I attended and even joined a BNI group, went for a year and saw no value. I know that this is not the common experience, but if it is your experience, …

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