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    How to Ensure Product Safety and Avoid Recalls

    Ensure Product Safety and Avoid Recalls

    With a growing focus on consumer safety, manufacturers are working to ensure the efficacy of their products. Failure to develop products that are safe and user-friendly could result in monetary fines, loss of contracts and even mass recalls. In fact, an all-time high of 51 million vehicles were recalled in 2015 alone.

    The automotive industry …

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    Businesses Need to Outsource to Survive – Is Yours?


    When business is bad, it’s bad … and when business is good, it’s both good and bad. Having new clients come pouring in is enough to make you want to dance a jig but also rip out some hair while trying to figure out how to manage it all. You feel stressed and overworked, but …

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    5 Tips to Make Employee Scheduling Easy


    Everyone has 24 hours in a day, but sometimes as a manager or business owner, you feel like your time is like putting socks in washing machine. You know you started with 24, but somehow, two or three disappeared right before your eyes.

    Scheduling your employees, even if you only have a couple, can be …

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    12 Skills Veterans Have That Help Them Excel in Business

    There are certain kinds of people who excel in the business world, and veterans are one of them. Thanks to their military training, veterans excel in intangible assets, making them valuable to any organization. With a variety of experiences, prior training and leadership skills, they may be the best hire you can make.

    Creativity With…
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    4 Ways to Use Mapping Software to Grow Your Business

    So you’ve finally reached the point where you’re ready to expand your business. You have a lot to consider and plan for before you make the jump. You’ll need to identify relevant markets, choose your ideal demographic, research locations where you could potentially operate, and check on competition in the area. It’s entirely possible to …

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    What Small Businesses Can Do for Working Moms

    Making the decision to become a working mother is not one that is taken lightly. Women want to find fulfillment both at home and in their careers, but balancing the two often takes effort on the part of the workers and the businesses who hire them.

    The effort is proving to be worth it. Having …

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    CSR Success: How to Choose a Philanthropic Partner

    You want to make an impact in the community. Whether it’s with a one-time contribution or through a philanthropic partnership, your next step is to select the right philanthropy for your business. What cause should you support? To whom should you donate? Where do you even begin?

    Selecting a philanthropy partner is a daunting process …

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    Lies They Tell in Business School

    Anyone who has been to business school knows that there can be huge discrepancies between what’s taught in the classroom and what happens in the working world. These discrepancies aren’t the fault of professors, but are the result of what occurs when humans – and their penchant for unpredictable and less-than-scientific behavior – are thrown …

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    Five Things You’ll Learn About Yourself on Vacation

    I’m writing this from 900 feet above sea level on the upcountry slopes of Haleakala on Maui.

    This week I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time on Maui visiting friends & family and also going to places I have been visiting for many years. It got me thinking about what has changed as well as …

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    What Stand Up Paddling can Teach us about Business

    Summer is winding down… at least in the Northern Hemisphere. Did you get to try Stand Up Paddle boarding this summer? Or as it’s also known SUP. Did you see anyone out SUP’ing on any of the local waterways near you? If you did perhaps you thought about a few ways that Stand Up Paddle …

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