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    Why Teachers and Educators Need a Personal Brand

    Does an educator need a personal brand? Yes! A personal brand is crucial for every professional in the modern age...and not just teachers. …and steps they can take to create one.

    Teaching is one of the oldest and most important professions of all time. Without instruction, we could not pass down knowledge from generation to generation. Teaching as a profession is perhaps not as acclaimed as it previously was. One thing teachers and educators can do to change …

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    How Choosing the Right Career Can Change Your Life

    Choosing the right career path is something that can change your life. Here are some critical factors to consider as you look at your options.

    There are many important decisions you have to make in life. Many of these are decisions that can affect your entire future and even the futures of your loved ones. One of the key decisions you have to make in life is in relation to your career. Choosing the right career path is something that …

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    Why Employees Should Think Like Freelancers

    Being your own boss. Working from your couch. Taking as much holiday as you want, whenever you want it.

    To the desk-bound employee, going freelance can seem like the ultimate dream. Until you look into it, and realize how much hard work it is. Constantly hustling for clients and worrying about making rent this month? …

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    8 Ways to Prepare for a Global Career

    Business Idea

    Working abroad is a good way to boost your resume. Aside from providing travel opportunities, a global career can also hone your marketable skills, increase your salary by as much as $25,000 assuming you’re bilingual/multilingual, and make you a better person.

    However, it can also be intimidating. With hundreds of countries in the world, plus …

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    Fit at Last: An Interview with Ken Blanchard

    Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Ken Blanchard, one of the most influential business leadership experts and author of the iconic One Minute Manager. His newest book, Fit at Last, demonstrates how his leadership techniques can be applied to achieving success and strengthening commitment by chronicling his journey to better health. We discussed …

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    5 Ways Improv Comedy Made Me a Better Marketer

    In this article, you’ll learn…

    –          The basics of improv comedy, and how they can be applied to marketing

    –          How thinking like a comedian will inspire collaboration and creativity in your organization

    By day, I am a Marketing Manager, and I truly enjoy what I do. After all, marketing has always been my passion, …

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    Control Your Brand: Squelch Negative Press, Post Great Content!

    The dream of gathering 100,000’s customers was elusive or even unimaginable two years ago.  Now, with the plethora of social media available: Facebook, Twitter, and blogging, one can go from a complete unknown to, “voila-a celebrity”,  where people wait for your words of wisdom!  As great as the upsides of social media are, there are …

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    Do Video Resumes Really Add to Your Brand?

    “I’m thinking about hiring a guy to do a video resume for me” one of my senior executive clients said recently to me in a career coaching session. These days 91% of successful coaching is done via the telephone, and that was the case now, I was on the phone with my client; It was …

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    Discovering Your Message

    I have the privilege of teaching an MBA course on social media and, out of 12 sessions total in the spring semester, I’m dedicating three to the topic of personal branding.

    Why would I devote a full quarter of the class to one subject when there are so many other “cool” things like Twitter and …

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