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The Tri-Fecta of Opportunity: Personal Branding, Social Media and Inbound Marketing

Lately, I’ve had some interesting conversations on Personal Branding, Social Media and Inbound Marketing. I really enjoy writing and speaking about these topics because they are the new frontier of the Web 2.0 marketplace. And when combined properly they can create massive opportunity where it would not have existed before.

Once upon a success story……
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Are You Ready for the Personal Branding Cloud?

Last week I shared with you how to sync up your Twitter and Linkedin profiles to help promote your personal brand. This week I will take a look at Linkedin and their announcement to open the Linkedin platform, what this means for your personal brand, and the evolution of the Personal Branding Cloud.

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“Twitter #in” — Better Than Peanut Butter And Chocolate?

If you missed it this week, Linkedin added some new functionality this week. Now you can sync up your Linkedin and Twitter profiles to share content you chose with either network.

From the Linkedin blog:

Now you can tweet your LinkedIn status to your Twitter followers or automatically post your tweets as your LinkedIn status.…