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    Great Personal Branding Video Tutorials

    Here are three great videos to help you round out your personal brand using Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Blogging, and Email Marketing. Have a look at each and start applying the lessons learned to your personal brand today.

    Twitter Search in Plain English

    Successful Email Marketing – How it’s Done

    Did You Know 4.0

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    The Reputation Economy: Everyone is Selling Something

    The dawn of a new marketplace has arrived that has changed the best practices of just about anything you can think of. We are sitting at the largest inflection point since the industrial revolution with the rise of 2.0 technology, crowdsourcing, the reputation economy, and social media. To be blunt, everything that used to work …

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    How to Discover Your Personal Brand

    It’s important to have a personal brand. It differentiates you from everyone else, which is what employers and clients are seeking. But, what if you’re still not sure what your personal brand is?

    Too many people rush into creating a personal brand without first discovering who they are, what they can offer and what they …

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    Quality vs. Quantity: What do you Think is Best?

    Last week @danschawbel and I caught up over lunch and something we touched on was whether the best strategy moving forward for personal brands was the debate between quantity or quality of content. I love this discussion because it really makes you think about what you want to stand for and the perceptions that others …

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    Why is the Social Graph Vital to Your Personal Brand?

    The movement towards social media being the central nervous system for everything is well underway. The social media movement may be in its infancy, but like all growing trends, there will be those that see the light before others and position themselves for success. There will be big winners and big losers.

    The personal brands …

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    Is Your Personal Brand Ready for the Digital Universe?

    Each year IDC, an IT think tank, in sponsorship by EMC puts out a report on the state of the Digital Universe. This year’s report has just been released and there are some interesting trends that personal branders can draw from the report.

    Here are some of the interesting findings from the IDC report: Between…
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    Some Very Interesting Personal Branding Statistics

    The anecdotal and analytical data is everywhere. The rise of social media, blogging, search engine optimization, and the way people shop and do research online has changed the fundamentals of the marketplace. The shift has created new opportunities for personal brands with enough hustle to go get what they want. It has also created new …

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    Major Findings from the 2010 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

    The awesome crew over at SocialMediaExaminer.com just released their 2o1o Social Media Marketing Industry Report. The 33 page report is geared to marketers and has some great info for anyone looking to create and grow their personal brand.

    Here are some of the major findings from the survey:

    Marketers are mostly new to social media:…
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    Building Your Personal Brand with Blogging

    Creating a blog and then consistently blogging is still the biggest untapped opportunity well. Use this post as a mini-resource guide for some inspiration to start blogging, or if you’ve started, use this post as a refresher to understand why you are blogging in the first place. Then use the blogging tools to improve your …

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    The Must Have Skill Sets For the New World

    What are the skills that you will need to have in the new economy? If you’ve ever wondered what some of these skills are, this post is for you.

    Skill sets for the new world

    1.) Social media and Web 2.0 know how:

    To understand how social media and Web 2.0 are changing industries gives …

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