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    I Need Your Help: Sharing a Personal Branding Struggle

    Personal branding reader, I could really use your help.

    It’s always easier to dole out advice to other people, but, as I’m sure you can attest, applying personal branding words of wisdom to your own big plans can be messy, soul-searching work. Seeing yourself through the eyes of a colleague or client almost needs to …

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    Explode Your Career by Saying NO

    Two years ago, I decided to focus exclusively on keynote speaking. That meant saying NO to prospective coaching clients and consulting opportunities. It also meant saying NO to potential “platform speaking” opportunities. And as a result of saying NO far more often than I ever had before, my career immediately started taking off.

    I wrote …

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    Bright Shiny Objects and Babies Like Me

    I have a baby brain, even now after all these grown-up years.

    A baby’s brain is exceptionally plastic, “captivated by the most unexpected events” and keen on seeing probabilities, while not terrifically impressed by certainties, per Alison Gopnik in Sunday’s New York Times.

    Sounds like an entrepreneur’s brain, at least during the start up phase …

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