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    Explode Your Career by Saying NO

    Two years ago, I decided to focus exclusively on keynote speaking. That meant saying NO to prospective coaching clients and consulting opportunities. It also meant saying NO to potential “platform speaking” opportunities. And as a result of saying NO far more often than I ever had before, my career immediately started taking off.

    I wrote …

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    Be Defiantly Who You Are!

    A past client recently called me to get advice for his LinkedIn profile. He had been an organizer for the Prop 8 campaign in the 2008 election. Prop 8 was an initiative in California that bans same-sex marriages. In other words, this guy was against gay marriage. He expressed reluctance in detailing his involvement in …

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    Leverage Everything

    Two weeks ago, I spoke at another event for Bloomberg TV, in conjunction with Brighthouse Networks in Detroit, Michigan. Bloomberg is my #1 client as a professional speaker. Before the event, I did a short TV interview with WDIV, the local NBC affiliate. That was the first television interview I have done as an author …

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    Leverage Podcasting to Build a Personal Brand

    Starting an audio podcast is one of the most powerful ways to build a loyal audience for your personal brand. Let’s take a closer look.

    In 2006, I was still in the real estate business and created an educational podcast about the mortgage application process. It was called “Beyond the Rate” and without any real …

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    Brute Force

    Who annoys you?  Who frustrates you because they’re more successful than you but they don’t deserve it?  You’re smarter.  You work harder. You provide more value.  Yet, for some reason, they have achieved success and you might still be struggling … and it drives you crazy.

    Luck on your side?

    I’m obviously assuming that you …

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