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    How to Fit with the Company’s Culture

    Not too long ago, much-respected blogger Tim Tyrell-Smith of Tim’s Strategy conducted a survey, clearly finding that interviewers’ number one concern is “fit with the company’s culture.” From other articles on that subject, too, it seems as if the old-fashioned “Tell me about yourself” and “What are your key accomplishments?” questions—even when answered well—are apparently …

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    How to Win in Today’s Job Market


    It is well-known that in today’s economy, job seekers face unprecedented challenges. One of them is the large numbers of applicants chasing just a few openings, but another is their lack of understanding of the rules of the competition. Many discount the fact that employers use different methods of selecting final candidates by applying certain …

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    How to Choose the Right Job Candidate

    This week, I wanted to help entrepreneurs, recruiters and hiring managers by discussing some tips for choosing the right candidate for the job. Hiring the right candidate is very important because the right person can save you time and money by working efficiently. In comparison, a bad hire can cost you time and money as …

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