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    Why Be Concerned About Reference Checks


    Reference checking is not standard. Smaller companies typically have neither the manpower nor the funds to do thorough reference checks, which could cost hundreds of dollars. Conversely, larger companies do reference checks but at varying levels of thoroughness. Different from the typical applicant’s concerns–which have to do with performance–companies typically do background checks for security …

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    Have You Checked Your References?

    Your resume is perfect. You nailed the job interviews. And now your future employer wants to check your references.  No problem …right?  Well, hopefully…but who really knows what your references say about you?  How do they handle the tough questions like” why are you leaving your current job” or “what could you improve on”?  When …

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    3 Ways to Ask for a Job Reference

    Many job seekers focus on the more “obvious” elements of a job search: the cover letter, resume, and interview. But once you’re getting near the end of the job search process, you may encounter an employer who asks for a number of job references to get an objective view of your skills and expertise.

    This …

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    Secret Weapon of the Job Transition Campaign

    The Reference Portfolio

    The reference portfolio is a powerful tool that deviates from traditional ways of thinking about landing a new job.  But the truth is, the reference portfolio may be the most powerful tool you’ll have in your job transition arsenal. Take a moment and grab a few books from your library and look …

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