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Mike Spinale is a corporate Human Resources leader at a healthcare information technology company located outside of Boston, Massachusetts and is an adjunct professor at Southern New Hampshire University. He has over eight years of experience in HR and management including career counseling, recruitment, staffing, employment branding, and talent management.  Mike has dedicated his HR career to modern views on the field – HR is not about the personnel files – it’s about bringing on the best talent, ensuring they’re in the right seat, and keeping them motivated and growing in their careers. In addition, Mike is the author of the CareerSpin blog where he offers advice and opinion on job search, personal & employment branding, recruiting, and HR. Mike is a certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Babson College. He is also a board member of the Metro-North Regional Employment Board, a board which sets workforce development policy for Boston’s Metro-North region, and an active member of the Society for Human Resource Management and the Northeast Human Resources Association.
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Happy 10th Anniversary to the “First 90 Days”!

In 2003, Harvard Business School Press published professor Michael Watkins’ book, The First 90 Days, described on the book jacket as “Critical success strategies for new leaders at all levels”.  Ten years later, the book has become the go-to guide for professionals transitioning into new leadership positions, and is being updated and expanded in a …

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Have You Checked Your References?

Your resume is perfect. You nailed the job interviews. And now your future employer wants to check your references.  No problem …right?  Well, hopefully…but who really knows what your references say about you?  How do they handle the tough questions like” why are you leaving your current job” or “what could you improve on”?  When …

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6 Tips for Handling Lunch or Dinner Interviews

Preparing for a job interview is stressful enough.  Add a meal in to the mix and the event can produce even more pressure and nervousness.  Some companies even schedule their interviews over a meal on purpose – just to see how you will handle this delicate social situation.

Keep the following tips in mind if …

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Congratulations! You’ve Been Promoted to Management. Now What?

Congratulations!  That promotion you have been working so hard for has finally come to fruition. You’re a manager!  So now what?

Depending on the type of company you work for, you may be whisked off into a management training program or, and all too commonly, you may be left to fend for yourself with the …

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4 Ways Using Your Review Improves Your Brand

At this time of year, many companies are undergoing their annual performance review processes. While the value of performance reviews, as we’ve come to know them, can be debated, a review presents the perfect opportunity for you to enhance your brand with your boss, and with the company.

Dress Up – I used to manage …

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Building Your Brand While Working Remotely

As the footprint of companies spreads geographically, today, more and more workers are working remotely, rather than in a corporate office.  While telecommuting can bring benefits, like flexible work hours, it can also prove challenging when it comes to building your personal brand internally at your company.

So how can remote workers enhance their brand?…
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