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    Personal Branding Weekly – Word of Mouth and Scheduled Posts

    Personal Branding Weekly

    Editor’s Note: This week took us from covering how career advancement is progressive to how your personal brand can survive as mom, entrepreneur and executive.  The Young Entrepreneur’s Council even chimed in on the importance of interesting content.

    Dive on in to the list of posts and glean information that’s helpful to …

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    People Loyal to Your Brand

    It’s easy to be seen as just another random person – a random blogger, a random doctor, a random athlete… With the competition becoming more and more fierce, it’s becoming harder and harder for people to stand out and be noticed. After all, you don’t want to be just a random personal brand. You want …

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    Personal Brands – Less Is More

    From employment to solopreneurship to launching your own small business, personal branding is important. Competition is fierce at all levels and it’s important to be able to communicate what makes you different and unique.

    This is why you can’t be just a “face in the crowd”. You need to be able to connect the dots …

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    Creating Good Karma For Your Personal Brand

    Managing your personal brand is essential to your success. You want to stand out among the crowd, be noticed, be invaluable. You don’t want to be someone who is easily replaced and easily forgotten. You want to be someone who people will listen to, look up to, and most importantly be remembered.

    To be a …

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    Personal Brand Recovery When Credit Is Due

    If you want to succeed, it’s essential that you protect your brand and online reputation. You want to be known for who you are and what you stand for. You want to be given credit for your accomplishments.

    Most of the time, you probably do get appreciated or rewarded for your efforts. Your supervisor promotes …

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    Branding Yourself on Skype, Google Hangouts and Tango!

    Video chat and calls are becoming more and more popular among people. In addition to people using these to communicate with their family and friends both near and far, brands, both personal and business ones, are now using these to communicate with their clients, customers, employers, and employees. Skype, Google Hangouts and Tango are just …

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    Differentiate With The Lost Art Of Gratitude

    No Thank You’s – Then No Thanks! It’s amazing how many people do not know how to say “thank you.” It’s as if they were never taught, the more you appreciate something, the more you’ll get things you can appreciate. It’s like the old adage of “What you focus on, you get”. However, 97% of …

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    Bloggers Are Not “Born This Way”

    Blogging continues to be an excellent way to engage with people. By offering unique and relevant content that interests your audience, you can stimulate conversation around your brand and help spread the news about your expertise, your drive and what your unique brand offers.

    Due to the rising popularity of social media, so many people …

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    Brand Yourself To Highlight The Best

    As a personal brand today, your online reputation is very important. Hiring managers, recruiters, business owners, clients, and the like, probably Google your name to see what comes up before they even consider hiring you.

    This is why it’s essential for you to control your search engine results. You want to highlight the best things …

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    Your Brand, Multiplexing And The Hedgehog Effect

    As a personal brand, it’s very important that you form strong connections and build close relationships with people. There are many ways you can do this, even without having to meet people face to face. Social Media is a great catalyst for people to easily connect with others in the virtual world. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ …

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