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    Your Own Personal Brand No Fly Zone

    “There are times when the best appointment you keep is with yourself.” [tweet this]

    There are many times, especially as we start the week, that we run around trying to take care of so many “conditions” that we ourselves have implemented.  We might have the standard that all phone calls get answered in two hours …

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    Things to Consider If You Want to Become an Entrepreneur

    Do you want to be your own boss?

    You will probably answer ‘Yes’ to this question, but if your sole reason for becoming an entrepreneur is to become your own boss, then you may want to change your way of thinking. Instead of wanting to be your own boss, think of yourself as a Chief …

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    Personal Branding Weekly – 8 April 2013

    Be sure you take a moment and read Peter’s post about Debunking Personal Brand Cultural Myths and the myth that so many believe – “Only executive and managers need a personal brand”.  Please weigh in – is this something you believe? Or someone close to you?

    Did you miss out on GlassDoor’s post about the …

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    Burning Bridges Can Feel Good

    There is an old saying that goes, you should Never Burn a Bridge. I agree. While it might feel good to burn a bridge I think the advice is pretty good and should be followed … with some exceptions and suggestions.

    Generally I do think it’s better to stay above the fray and not burn …

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    Personal Branding Weekly and Social Proof

    Personal Branding Weekly

    EDITOR’S NOTE:  First things first – Happy Veteran’s Day! A veteran is someone who, at one point in their life, made a blank check payable to ‘The United States’ for an amount of ‘up to and including my life’… I’m proud to be an American and to have known some of the …

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    Personal Branding Weekly and Facebook Marketing You

    Personal Branding Weekly

    EDITOR’S NOTE:  I’m catching up this week as much as you are on the great insights of our authors.  I spent the week in intense training and networking at #PubCon.  I had hoped to have a great post to you about all of it this week and found  (which often happens at …

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    The Personal Branding Weekly and Daily LinkedIn Importance

    PERSONAL Branding Weekly

    This week we were challenged to live our life more curiously; what happens when there’s a huge disconnect between words and actions and the importance of criticism without being a  ‘door mat’.

    In fact, if you missed any of them this week – they’re right here:

    Are You A Catalyst? by Deborah…
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    Personal Branding Weekly and Using Twitter’s Recommendation Wall

    Personal Branding Weekly

    Are you starting to feel the “fall season” settling into your area?  Use this as a perfect reminder to update your profiles and review your networking platforms.  This past week Glassdoor shared some great tips on how to do that while Oscar and Jeff shared how to deal with mistakes and the …

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    Personal Branding Weekly – Moving from We to Me

    Personal Branding Weekly

    From working with a career coach to great email etiquette techniques, last week’s Personal Branding Blog posts focused on  being authentic, building a brand and even reviewing the political landscape and personal brandings.

    Here’s the articles you might have missed:

    Cool, Clever Trends Help Personal Branding! by Deborah Shane If I Were…
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    Personal Branding Weekly – Facebook Pages Win Word of Mouth

    Personal Branding Weekly

    Editor’s Note: This week took us from covering how career advancement is progressive to how your personal brand can survive as mom, entrepreneur and executive. The Young Entrepreneur’s Council even chimed in on the importance of interesting content.

    Dive on in to the list of posts and glean information that’s helpful to …

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