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    Three Popular Misconceptions About Personal Branding

    Thanks to the wonderful contributions of personal branding trailblazers such as Tom Peters, Dan Schawbel, William Arruda or Peter Montoya, personal branding has been slowly but surely entering the mainstream. Today, we can fearlessly assert that personal branding is here to stay and that millions are called to benefit from building a solid brand (using …

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    The Four Aces of Online Personal Branding

    Many Generation Y and X folks with digital DNA are looking toward the online medium to build their personal brands. And this is without doubt a smart move on their behalf: the countless benefits and untapped potential that the Web 2.0 can offer for those serious about personal branding are too many to list. And …

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    The Spirituality of Personal Branding

    There are no objective reasons for spiritual folks to store any second thoughts or reticence toward personal branding as envisioned by Dan Schawbel and other personal branding luminaries. Far from it. In fact, engaging in the personal branding process can be of one of the most uplifting, rewarding and profoundly spiritual experiences of our lives. …

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    Your Brand Under Attack: When ‘Goodyism’ Doesn’t Pay

    Nothing can be more precious to many of us than our personal brands, since they are often the result of sound strategy, countless positive interactions with others both online and offline and a proven record of delivering quality service to our clients and the community. However – and as our editor Maria Duron pointed out …

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    Why Personal Branding is Never About You

    Kind readers of Personal Branding Blog and other quality materials may be amongst the lucky folk whose antenna does not signal anything untoward when the issue of Personal Branding comes up. Sadly, for many with an untrained eye who have not had the chance to delve into personal branding as conceived by Tom Peters, Dan …

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    Values: the Backbone of Your Brand

    It has become customary for reputed companies and organizations to include a statement about their professed and espoused values and policies in their webpages. From Nestlé’s ‘Creating Shared Value’ to Zara’s ‘Mission Statement’ and including ATK downloadable ‘Corporate Social Responsibility Report’, industry giants have been diligent to craft carefully-worded statements we have come to expect …

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    10 Reasons Why I Follow Back on Twitter

    Creating a successful and influential ‘Me 2.0’ persona presupposes a strategic use of the social media. Since our objectives and goals are multifarious, it is up to each and every one of us to make a number of well-thought-out decisions in the social networks to ensure that how we want to be perceived, how we …

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    How Book Titles Build Personal Brands, Pt. 1

    Choosing the right title for your book is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. The right title does more than just sell the book, it can launch a personal brand that creates endless opportunities while pre-selling follow-up books and a wealth of other profitable products & services.

    One of best examples of …

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    Your Personal Branding Business Model

    One of the most important aspects of creating a personal brand, is first attempting to determine what your goals are. Are you trying to become the President of the United States, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, a serial entrepreneur, a social activist? This will certainly help you understand how to frame your brand, …

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