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    Heroes of Personal Branding (iv): Mago Ben

    To turn a personal hobby into a lucrative career is a sure sign of talent and reveals an uncommon amount of courage and determination that only a privileged minority seem to possess. If – on top of that – the hobby-turned-job in question has never been practiced professionally in your country by anyone below the …

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    Personal Branding Redemption

    My job as an online reputation manager has brought me face to face with many high and low profile individuals living some of the most difficult, testing and trying times of their lives as they found themselves in the eye of the storm in reputation crises that threatened to derail their careers. When thousands of …

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    Are you a 2.0 Egotist?

    One of the harshest (and in my view, mostly unfair) criticisms hurled at personal branding is that – when taken to its fullest expression – it encourages and promotes self-centeredness, self-aggrandizement, narcissism and plain outright selfishness. Although anyone familiar with the brief yet intense history of personal branding models and philosophies in the XXI century …

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    The Zen Garden of Your Brand

    Whether you are a millennial joining the ranks of those seeking their first job, a baby boomer reinventing yourself with a ‘second youth’ in sight or anything in between, personal branding can be instrumental in taking hold of your personal and professional development and achieving your goals without sacrificing your unique personality and style. And …

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    Personal Branding and the ‘Proud Peacock’ syndrome

    As philosopher Ken Wilber has argued underscoring his use of Spiral Dynamics, each new wave of technological development brings forward awesome new opportunities and frightful new dangers. And it is the job of every new generation to separate the wheat from the chaff and avert the nasty consequences that a misuse of otherwise wonderful technologies …

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    It All Began With A Picture

    There are no shortcuts to building a credible, durable and goal-oriented personal brand that delivers tangible results for your career and your life. As experts and those who have achieved remarkable professional and personal benefits remind us with the full authority of experience, before embarking onto any practical steps to develop our brands we must …

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    The New Personal Branding Online Success Formula

    On the surface, nothing could be more complex than personal branding success. Our abilities and skills, the strength of our determination to succeed, the strategy we follow or even being in the right place at the right time all seem to be contributing factors. And yet by so reasoning we would be falling into one …

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    An Amazing Journey Of Self-Discovery

    According to the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, the whole purpose of our lives was to – by the exercise of our senses – recover through learning the knowledge we once had before our birth. Paraphrasing St Ignatius of Loyola, the towering figure of XX century psychology Carl Gustav Jung updated Plato’s vision when he claimed …

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    ‘Long Live Personal Branding’: A Response to Olivier Blanchard

    It was long overdue that someone should “sound the death knell of all things personal branding”. After all, we personal branding enthusiasts should not expect we deserve any better treatment than SEO, Klout or Facebook (let alone, as Nietzsche proclaimed, God). This time round the honor belongs to blogger and author Olivier Blanchard, who in …

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    Personal Branding for Minorities: Shining Even Brighter

    Some of us – and when we are courageous enough to speak up, we end up realizing that we are many many more that we initially think- grew up knowing that we were the odd one out in an often harsh and unwelcoming world. Or we learnt it abruptly as a result of a major …

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