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    Improve Your Brand Marketing On Pinterest

    Pinterest is not only a popular social network, but also a powerful search engine to market your personal brand and drive traffic to your website.

    Would you like to attract a larger audience and drive more ales? Your brand can start today in building a great community and taking advantage of the latest features and …

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    Create a Winning Pinterest Brand Marketing Strategy

    Social Media Branding to attract new clients

    Visual marketing is one of the best ways to attract subscribers your personal brand. If you want to take your business marketing strategy to the next level then Pinterest is a great way to gain more visibility.

    Would you like to attract a loyal audience? Your brand can build a great community by pinning appealing …

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    Use Microblogging to Promote Your Personal Brand


    Bite-sized content or microblogging is becoming more popular with online audiences on both mobile and computer devices. Creating unique and eye-catching images opens the door for converting leads into sales and growing your social networks with organic methods.

    Which platforms work the best for microblogging posts? After conducting the right target market research to learn …

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    How to Balance the Output-Input of Social Networking

    Social Media Instagram

    Social media marketing is a place to build community — so where do you find the right balance between selling your brand’s products or services and building relationships? There are several ways you can make your marketing strategy both effective and influential.

    It is important for your brand to be actively involved in networking with …

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    3 Ways Pinterest Can Build Your Brand – Really!

    There seems to be a hierarchy of social media when it comes to “serious” brand building. At the top of the pyramid for business credibility is LinkedIn, with its sleek, uncluttered, resume-style look. Twitter comes in next, by most accounts, for its ease of use when it comes to connecting to strangers that can help …

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    Personal Branding Weekly and Sharing is Word of Mouth

    Personal Branding Weekly

    Editor’s Note:  From a week of family and gratitude to a week of goal setting and celebrations, this time of the year tests all of us and our ability to focus.

    Perhaps during a quiet moment today and on Monday you can review this list and find something that will help you …

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    Pinterest For Personal Branding: 7 Cool and Practical Uses

    Personal Branding lovers are in luck. The hottest and quickly rising new social network Pinterest is fast proving to be a much welcome and indeed attractive addition to our personal branding repertoire. It is filled with endless possibilities yet to be explored.

    We have reasons to believe that Pinterest is more than a passing fad. …

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    Using Pinterest To Display Your Personal Brand

    Your personal brand is all about showing what you know and love. So why not use a virtual pin board to do so? This is where Pinterest — a website designed for users to post different things they have found online — comes in. It is a way other than written text to demonstrate your …

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