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    Write a Book to Establish Your Personal Brand

    Have you ever considered publishing a book? When you publish a book it provides customers and others a tangible example of your work, which can establish your personal brand.

    I know, I know…you are saying:

    Come on, write a book? Really? Who would publish a book I wrote? You would!

    In my last post, I …

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    Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur: Kawasaki’s 3 Steps to Success

    I just interviewed Guy Kawasaki, the former Apple evangelist, social media master, and author of 12 books. We met up at the New Media Expo in Las Vegas and talked about how to grow your following and self promote without being icky. He, in particular, was very keen to talk about self-publishing—understandably because his second …

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    Guide to Personal Brand Building Using Kindle Publishing

    Learn how to write and self-publish a book to build your personal brand with the help of Ryan Deiss’s Kindle Publishing Revolution.

    Writing and publishing a book remains the best strategy for building your personal brand. Writing a book establishes you as an expert in your field, instantly differentiating you from your competition and opening …

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    Unexpected: What Happened 6 Months Since Publishing My Ebook

    6 months ago on June 12, 2012, I published my multimedia ebook Camera Ready: How to Present Your Best Self and Ideas On Air or Online. After having two kids and “leaning back” in my career (as Anne-Marie Slaughter and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg call it) by freelancing part-time for a couple of years, I …

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    Questions to Ask Before Writing and Self-publishing

    Here are 7 practical questions to ask before you start to write a book to build your personal brand

    As a business owner, career-builder, or self-employed professional, your time is too valuable to write a book simply because you want to to see your ideas in print.

    Unless you’re writing for creative expression, your book …

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    Should You Pay to Get Your Personal Branding Book Published?

    It may seem strange to talk about paying to get your personal branding book published, while the media often talks about celebrities receiving 6-figure advances. What’s going on?

    Celebrities, of course, is the key word in the above.

    Politicians, their wives, their ex-wives, ex-CEO’s, and television personalities often get big buck advances. But, this only …

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