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    5 Time Management Myths You’ve Bought Into

    time management myths

    Business leaders like to say time is money. Based on that valuation, time management has become a booming industry.

    Global sales of workflow software and time-tracking apps will eclipse $22 billion by 2025. Consultants charge premium retainers to streamline operations across industries. Leadership speakers provide their insights in keynotes and webinars. Articles about time-saving techniques …

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    Setting Realistic Personal Branding “New Year’s Resolutions” for 2019


    According to an article in the New York Times, one-third of individuals who make New Year’s resolutions don’t make it past the end of January. The author indicated that resolutions fail because they aren’t the right resolutions. Specifically:

    It’s a resolution established because someone else is telling you to change. Like a mother-in-law telling you…
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    How to Strategize Job Searching Like Chess Playing

    taking risks

    Job searching is very similar to playing a game of chess. Both activities have a significant element of strategy. But first, let’s agree about the word strategy. A simple definition found in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, which says, “the skill of making or carrying out plans to achieve a goal.” And indeed, the job seeker has a …

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    What Can You Dump Today to Be More Productive?

    Strength Weakness

    Using the 4D’s of Time Management can help you become more productive.

    But, there is a cost. While you may be respected for your time management skills you may not be very well liked.

    Be aware of this when you apply The 4D’s to your business and personal time management efforts.

    What are the 4D’s …

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    What Can You Do In Two Minutes?

    time management myths

    The answer is… A lot!

    Everyone has the same amount of time every day. How you decide to use that time is, for the most part, up to you.

    We all get the same 86,400 seconds every day. Use them wisely (and occasionally) in 120 second bursts!

    Consider the Two Minute Drill

    There is a …

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    The Secret to Maintaining Week-Long Productivity


    Our job is important. It’s how most of us put food in our belly and Louboutins on our feet. It’s where we spend one-third of our entire lives. It’s even where one in five of us will meet the person we marry.

    Yet too many of us arrive stressed on Monday and leave exhausted by …

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    Three Tips to Get More Time In Your Day

    Brainstorming Working

    There’s an old saying that goes something like this:

    It’s not how long it is … it’s how you use it.

    Yes, this is a euphemism for something else.

    And, it also applies to your day.

    Invest in Time … because they aren’t making any more of it.

    Yes, this is another euphemism.

    Guess what? …

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    7 Ways to be More Productive with your Time

    We have all read books that tell us how important our time is, but most don’t simplify it in one page with vital tips. Well, I have.  I teach, praise and live by these techniques.

    These tips may not work for everyone, but they are a key to how I got to where I am …

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    How to Stop Wasting Time at Work

    It is so easy to waste time at work through checking social media, chatting with coworkers or doing unnecessary things. As a result, at the end of the day you accomplish nothing and feel unproductive. Therefore, in order to spend your day more meaningfully and achieve your goals, implement the below steps to your daily …

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    When Done Is Better Than Perfect

    There are some times when you have to accept that you will be unable to do your best work. I know this sounds awful, but it isn’t, it’s a matter of prioritization. You cannot be successful and be perfect. You have to sometimes accept that good and done are better than reaching for perfection and …

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