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    The Importance of Focusing While in Transition

    I for one fully understand those in transition. I’ve been there at times myself–and for way too long. Life for the unemployed is hugely confusing. The quasi life equilibrium that used to exist before the transition period has been lost. And everybody you know seems to want to be helpful by giving you (nonprofessional) advice, …

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    Brand Your Business Through Volunteering and Community Service

    You may spend a significant amount of time branding your business with taglines, logos and a distinctive voice used throughout offline and online content, but have you thought about how having a service-oriented attitude could help your business stand out in the marketplace, too? If not, you’re overlooking a potentially valuable factor that could help …

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    Five Points for Thinking Handy

    thinking handy

    Build your soft skills by building things.

    Building things build skills

    Whether you are building a spreadsheet or a tiny house.

    Building things builds skills.

    Do you remember how it felt to create something, finish it, look at it and enjoy it?

    Are you handy?

    Seventeen years ago this week I lost my dad. One …

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    Personal and Business Branding Through Community Service

    Briefing Work Meeting

    Building a brand is one of the hardest things a company can do. You know what “I’m lovin’ it” means. You know what a bright red cross means — but how those companies are able to go about creating their brands takes some ingenuity. It doesn’t need to be all flashy slogans and Super Bowl …

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    Five Ways Volunteering Can Help Your Career

    Volunteering for a good cause changes lives and doesn’t just benefit the people you’re helping. Beyond the obvious benefits of helping out in the community and making a difference, volunteering can both further your career and improve your life. Everybody wins.

    Here’s how volunteering can help boost your career and your personal branding in ways …

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    Building Your Personal Brand Through Volunteerism

    Whether you’re in between jobs, in school, or working full time, volunteering is a great way to build your personal brand. Sharing your time with non-profit organizations can help you build your network and develop your skills while doing some good for your community.

    Volunteering shows you’re team oriented.  When you give your time to …

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    Volunteering Your Way To A Job

    It’s no secret the job market is tough. But whether you’ve been unemployed for two months or two years, you can still gain new skills, fill gaps in your resume and network, all the while giving back to your community through volunteering.

    Long gone are the days when volunteering meant working in a soup kitchen …

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    LinkedIn Allows Job Seekers to Leverage Volunteer Experience

    In a new study recently conducted by LinkedIn, 41% of professionals surveyed stated they consider volunteer work equally as valuable as paid work experience. This comes as great news to the 14 Million plus full-time job seekers. “Given the current economic climate and the hypercompetitive job market, it’s essential to include your volunteer work on …

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