Take a Fresh Look at Your Personal Brand’s Website Through an Audit

Personal Branding
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A well-optimized website for your personal brand is important in building a more traffic and higher search engine rankings. The latest platforms, mobile-friendly designs, and templates can help you achieve better results.

Every year your business should perform a thorough website audit and evaluate what is working and what is not. This means content should be appealing to both search engines and visitors. Here are several tips to help improve your visibility:

  • Take a fresh look at your landing page – Visit your brand’s website as if coming to it for the first time — especially on your mobile device. Notice how easy it is to read the content, the page loading speed, and how responsive it is. Are there any outdated graphics or links that are hindering the visitor’s experience? Starting with these simple fixes can greatly improve your performance.
  • Update images and plugins – A simple fix is to use software to reduce the size of your photos and videos loaded into your pages and posts. Also check for any outdated plugins and other updates that need to be performed if you are using WordPress.
  • Make sure you have a mobile design – There are a lot of brand pages that are still missing the boat when it comes to capturing mobile traffic. Less people are searching for websites on their computers and rely more on their phones and tablets. Most templates today in WordPress are automatically responsive — if yours is not it’s time for an upgrade with a new installation or by hiring a web developer.
  • Find out what your ROI is – If your brand has an eCommerce website then you will want to pay attention to sales coming from there. Track all of your PPC ad campaigns from Google at least every six months, which can be done for free right inside Google AdWords. Here you will discover how many spams visitors are coming versus actual buyers and why.

A quality website gets noticed when it includes fresh, original content that is easy to read along with a modern design that adapts to the latest technologies. Well-optimized pages and posts are more engaging to readers, and help your brand’s website move up in the search engines. It pays to take extra time and a small investment to perform an audit at least twice a year.