Post Its Adults Brainstorming

family-563968_640Television shows, movies and much of what we read speak to the need of managing our reputation. In particular, it’s important to monitor our online communication. If in the heat of the moment, we were to post something that we later regret, it could affect future employment and possibly all else we desire to achieve.

Larger Picture

Coupling online communication with the traditional written word and in-person conversation, it’s good to remember that words, actions and deeds all reveal your level of honesty. Prospective clients are keenly tuned in as to whether you display integrity or not.

In particular, as price points increase for the more expensive services, it becomes more important than ever to ensure your intended clientele recognizes your honesty. Prospective clients make the determination of whether you may be trusted.


The all-time best policy is to begin with your ideal ending in mind. The focus should not be on the initial sale. Instead, the improved vision is to develop a loyal returning and referring clientele.

Every activity is to demonstrate that you look out for the best interests of your clientele. Doing so builds sound relationships and a well recognized personal brand.

Trust is the soul of sales.

Likewise, job seekers will do well to begin viewing the hiring managers as their clientele. When tough questions are asked, think back to a situation where you demonstrated integrity and resolved issues to high acclaim. This is the type of candidate hiring managers seek out for their team.

Your Story

A few questions come to mind as you build a sound reputation:

  • Do you admit when you don’t know an answer?
  • Do you familiarize yourself with the client-to-be, the company and industry prior to meetings?
  • Are you adept at applying the research to helping the client make the better decision?

Knowing that you do your best to assist your clientele brings satisfaction from within. The burden of stress caused by wondering where your next piece of business might come from will fade away. Instead, you get to enjoy a clientele that respects you and the reward of knowing you did an excellent job.

Once integrity is seen by prospective clients, other factors come into play such as:

  • Understanding of their company and needs
  • Listening to and answering concerns
  • Working within the budget
  • Asking the client to consider a variety of possibilities in order to help select the best solution for them
  • Providing an appropriate solution within the budget
  • Delivering upon everything promised and on the agreed upon timeline

Sales Tips:

  1. Ask prospective clients the reasons behind the meeting
  2. Inquire into all the factors pointing to an upfront need for the meeting
  3. Listen for facts not included to ask pertinent questions
  4. Ask why those points are not being addressed
  5. Explain the importance of the omitted facts
  6. Upon incorporating all of the facts, ask for the intended best case outcome
  7. Establish a timeline for getting all agreed upon components in order
  8. With input from your client, create a robust plan for solving problems to help them move forward
  9. Deliver everything that is promised in a timely fashion
  10. Check in after the sale finalizes for their level of satisfaction


Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!