Telstar Middle School Enhances Student Skills through PR Course

"Student Skills Enhancement"

At Telstar Middle School (TMS), 8th-grade students are enhancing their oratory, written, and multimedia skills in an exceptional course, Public Relations led by Lindsay Leutje, Principal of TMS. This specialized course is opening a wide array of opportunities for them to deepen their understanding of Public Relations and actively contribute to the school’s community outreach.

The students start off by creating their mission statement and setting their academic goals for the year. They effectively communicate these goals at board meetings, organize monthly school assemblies, create promotional videos for school events, and write articles. These enriching experiences are molding them into well-rounded individuals prepared for future challenges.

The efforts of these young students have manifested in various articles penned by them. Some of these include “Firefly and Day of Welcome”, “Beyond the Victory”, “TMS 2023 Fall Sports”, “Tech-Savvy Middle School”, and “Art Inspires Science”. Each article brilliantly projects diverse insights and perspectives of the students.

One such work, “Beyond the Victory”, celebrates the TMS Rebels’ win of the 2022-23 sportsmanship award, showcasing their positive spirit towards their fellow teammates, referees, and coaches. This prestigious award symbolizes more than just their athletic abilities. It underscores the vital role of camaraderie, fairness, respect, and character development in the TMS Rebels’ successful 2022-23 season.

The glory of this award was shared at the Stars, an October assembly recognizing all teams. This honor will be on display to commend the athletes’ dedication. Principal Leutje valued the collective efforts of coaches, students, and parents in the making of their athletes.

An added feather in TMS hat is Mrs. Jordan, the Physical Education teacher. She has designed a program that encourages sportsmanship and leadership skills. This innovative program hands the responsibility of managing warm-ups, selecting games, explaining rules, and handling equipment to two students every week. The endorsement of physical fitness along with the cultivation of leadership skills and discipline attributes to the uniqueness of her program.