What are the skills that you will need to have in the new economy? If you’ve ever wondered what some of these skills are, this post is for you.

Skill sets for the new world

1.) Social media and Web 2.0 know how:

To understand how social media and Web 2.0 are changing industries gives you a deeper level of understanding on the new economy. It will be a competitive edge as you think through challenges and opportunities in your marketplace.

2.) The ability to write effectively:

The need to be a good writer is increasing every year. We write more email, send more text messages, and write more blog posts than ever before. Good writing skills help you to communicate your thoughts and blogging can help you reach your goals faster.

3.) Ability to create relationships virtually and physically:

Nobody can do it alone; you are going to need a lot of help along the way. Opportunities come to individuals that have taken the time to create their social network both virtually and physically. It has never been easier to have a wide social network. Start connecting.

4.) Knowing how to leverage your network

Knowing how to approach those in your network so they can help bring you opportunities is an art form. Start getting in the habit of expressing your ideas to influencers in your niche. Some will work, some won’t, but the one’s that work will push you down the path to success.

5.) Knowing how to get to to influencers:

Learn how to get to influencers using social media, email, and yes, even the good old telephone. The more you start to reach out to others to connect with them the more influential connections you will have. Half the battle is just trying, you will be surprised what happens when you try.

6.) The ability to sell yourself:

Get really good at expressing your interests and what makes you different. Have fun with it and just be yourself. This is not about being a walking blow horn, but knowing how to take advantage of the opportunity when it is staring at you in the face. These 30 seconds can make or break you.

7.) Having a platform:

You need to have a home base that can be indexed by Google. You need a place where you have complete editorial control. The easiest way to do this is with a blog. Blogs can launch you into some very exciting and interesting work. You need a platform.

Get good at these seven skills, they will become increasingly important in the evolving world we live in. If you are not good at some of these skills head to Google or Amazon and do some reading. You will be happy you did.