The Secret to Impressing Your Boss Is Taking a Vacation

Career Development

Have you ever found yourself sitting at your desk, wishing you were laying on the beach? We’ve all been there. As the summer months start rolling in, it’s natural to think of all the places we’d rather be than in the office. Still, we suck it up and head into work because we need to impress our bosses.

But what if taking that vacation you’re dreaming of could actually make you better at your job and impress your boss? How fast would you book the next flight out?

Before you get too far ahead of yourself, let’s take a moment to consider why taking a vacation may be the right career move for you and what you need to do during your vacation to make the most of it.

Vacation Time in the United States

Vacation time seems to be a bit of a controversial subject here in the United States. While companies like to brag about their vacation packages and new employees question how many days off they’ll get each year, when the time comes to actually use those vacation days, many feel that they can’t. Instead of taking the time off they rightfully have, they come into the office day after day.

There are many different reasons why an employee may choose to skip using vacation days. Entry-level employees want to show off their skills and prove they’re serious about the company while managers and supervisors fear leaving will mean their teams are unable to get their tasks done. To many, it just seems easier to avoid time off.

But simply being in the office every day isn’t enough to make you a great employee. If you’re not performing to your best abilities, you might as well not be there at all.

How Taking a Vacation Can Make You a Better Employee

Spending too much time in the office can make you stressed. When you’re waking up each day, going straight to work, coming home and night and getting right in bed, you’re not maintaining a great work-life balance. If your life is all about “work,” it’s natural for you to feel a bit agitated or even slightly depressed. When you’re not feeling your best, this can translate into your work.

Stress can take a toll on the body in many ways. From making it difficult for you to sleep to causing you to forget about important tasks, being overly stressed may prevent you from getting ahead at work.

Maintaining a better work-life balance, including taking a vacation or finding the right cruise for you, can give you space from work to prevent you from becoming overwhelmed. You’re able to leave the office, clear your mind and focus on doing something you enjoy. This can improve your happiness and allow you to come back to work with a fresh perspective on your projects.

Taking a break from work can also give you an opportunity to recharge. When you’re away from a daily to-do list, you can begin to feel excited about your job all over again. This can prevent you from burning out and ensure you’re putting your best foot forward every day.

Planning for Your Next Vacation

Although taking some time off can be good for your career, taking too much time away from the office can hurt you. An annual vacation or the occasional long weekend is expected, but if you’re trying to travel multiple times a month, you may find that your job is actually suffering.

The first step in planning your vacation is to make sure it’s appropriate and necessary. Double check that you have the vacation days saved up and you’re not missing any major presentations, meetings or other tasks you may need to be in the office for.

Once you know the days of your vacation, you’ll want to approach your boss to get approval. Every company will have different rules and regulations about asking for vacation time, so be sure to follow your employer’s unique process. However, regardless of your profession, you’ll want to show your employer that you’ve put some thought into your absence.

Your boss or manager will want to know who will cover your tasks while you’re gone and what will need to be done before you leave. Be sure to think through any potential problems and talk to coworkers about who may be willing to pick up the extra tasks when you’re gone. Proper planning and delegating can show your boss that you’re capable of taking on a leadership position – furthering your chances of getting ahead.

Don’t feel like you need to waste away in your office if you want to have a professional career. Getting out from behind the desk and having some fun can help you maintain a better work-life balance, get the proper rest you need and let go of some stress that may be seriously hurting you.