This is Your Brand. This is Your Brand on Twitter.

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Many people have been hesitant to start using Twitter, while at the same time many others have joined the Twitter community. Somewhere between picking a name short enough for retweets, gaining new followers and choosing your favorite tweet manager, it is important to figure out what your brand is and how it translates on to Twitter. You’re limited to 140 characters per thought to mix in information and your distinct personality, and you need to have a user name and bio representative of your brand.

Lots of competition

On Twitter there is a lot of competition for eyes, clicks, RT’s, #FF’s and new followers. Your distinctive personality is what’s going to get your brand noticed on Twitter by the people that you want to interact with. That brand is what will make you different from the rest of the community, therefore making the information you’re sharing more valuable.

If you’re going to bring your brand on to Twitter, here are some helpful tips:

Show that you’re an innovator

Bringing your brand on to Twitter can be a great way to show that you keep up with new trends – especially if you’re in an industry or looking for a job that requires you to be innovative and forward thinking. It doesn’t take a genius to start a Twitter, but it takes some time and effort to maintain it and use it well. If you think that having a Twitter adds enough value to your brand you can also link it to other public-facing entities such as LinkedIn. You can also share your Twitter handle in your resume and email signatures.

Find your niche

When bringing your brand on to Twitter it is also essential for you to find your niche market. Who are the influencers in your industry on Twitter? Once you’ve identified them, follow them and see who else they’re following. You can also do searches for topics and people discussing particular topics of interest. Remember, you want to follow people that you not only find interesting, but who will find you interesting as well.

Learn the lingo

If you’ve read my previous post you’ll know that I’m all about learning the lingo. If you’re new to Twitter you probably don’t know what a RT, a #hashtag or a #FF is. There’s also a whole world of Twitter lingo, and more importantly, Twitter etiquette that you will need to learn.

Be yourself

Twitter has it’s own social hierarchy based on industry expertise, connections and content being shared. You’ll notice that some people have a larger influence than others, and that it because what they have to say is valuable to their online community. If you’re an expert in a certain area, tell people you’re an expert and provide them with content that shows your knowledge. Just don’t pretend you’re something you’re not.