Twitter X

In an unprecedented move that has sent shockwaves through the Twitterverse, the once-beloved social media management tool, TweetDeck, is undergoing a complete metamorphosis, emerging as the all-powerful XPro! As part of a grand rebranding strategy masterminded by the visionary Elon Musk, Twitter itself has now been rechristened as X, a name that reflects the platform’s ambitions to redefine its place in the fast-evolving digital landscape.

Elon Musk, known for his bold and innovative vision, broke the news of the transformation via one of his iconic tweets, leaving the Twitter community on the edge of their seats. From the moment users land on the TweetDeck login page, they are greeted with the thrilling revelation of the new name, XPro, boldly displayed at the top. The anticipation builds as the remnants of the old brand are cleverly interwoven with the new, creating a mysterious aura around the forthcoming changes.

The iconic Twitter bird logo still graces the XPro landing page, a nostalgic nod to the platform’s roots, but it shares the spotlight with the new XPro mentions, hinting at exciting enhancements and innovations to come. The tagline, “a powerful, real-time tool for people who live on Twitter,” embodies the essence of TweetDeck’s past while preparing users for the exhilarating future under the XPro banner.

One of the most thrilling announcements is X’s bold decision to transition XPro into an exclusive subscriber-only benefit. In a tweet from the company’s support account, it was revealed that XPro would soon be accessible only to verified subscribers, marking a paradigm shift in social media management. The move is set to take effect within the next 30 days, signaling a potential shift toward a subscription-based model that could revolutionize the way users access premium features and engage with the platform.

The much-anticipated TweetDeck Preview Program, fondly referred to as TweetDeck 2.0, has finally been unveiled, and the buzz around it is palpable. Users are already raving about the promised exciting updates and enhancements, eagerly awaiting the enhanced TweetDeck experience that awaits them.

But the grand rebranding doesn’t stop at XPro alone. The X transformation extends its reach across the entire platform, transcending the digital realm to manifest in the Android and iOS apps as well. With a fresh new look and feel, these apps perfectly align with the revolutionary vision of X, providing users with a cohesive and immersive social media experience.

The X headquarters in San Francisco was at the center of a spectacular visual treat, as a colossal, flashing X logo took center stage, illuminating the city’s skyline. However, as with all great innovations, this flashy spectacle had to be dismantled due to complaints about the intense brightness it emitted. Nonetheless, the dazzling display showcased the unwavering commitment of X to its new identity.

As the rebranding journey continues to unfold, users and industry experts alike are on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the evolution of this iconic social media platform. XPro’s potential as a powerful tool for marketers, influencers, and businesses is beyond imagination, promising a future where social media management is taken to unprecedented heights.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on XPro, TweetDeck 2.0, and the awe-inspiring transformation of X. The digital landscape is about to be forever changed, and you won’t want to miss a moment of this groundbreaking journey into the future of social media management!


Q1: Can I still access the legacy version of TweetDeck? A: Yes, you can still access the legacy version of TweetDeck by visiting the TweetDeck login page.

Q2: When will XPro become a subscriber-only benefit? A: According to a tweet from X’s support account, XPro will be available only to those who pay to be verified within the next 30 days.

Q3: What is the TweetDeck Preview Program? A: The TweetDeck Preview Program, also known as TweetDeck 2.0, is the highly-anticipated upcoming version of TweetDeck that promises exciting updates and enhancements.

Q4: Will the X rebranding affect the Android and iOS apps? A: Yes, the X rebranding will also bring a fresh new look to the Android and iOS apps, making them a part of the transformative journey.

Q5: What happened to the giant X logo on the X headquarters in San Francisco? A: The giant X logo was a temporary addition to the X headquarters, but it was later removed due to complaints about its bright light. Rest assured, X’s commitment to the rebranding remains unwavering!

First reported by The Verge.