In a few weeks, it will be half-time. Most of us set forth new goals or resolutions on January 1st or we account for our business success and objectives from January 1st to December 31st. 
If you do this, then “half-time” is on June 26th.  That’s the halfway point between the two dates.

Are you halfway to your goals and objectives for this year?

To be successful in achieving your goals you need the following three things done by half-time (just a few short weeks away)!

Know where you stand on your current goals – accountability. 

If you’re not measuring or keeping track on how you’re doing on your goals, then how do you know if you’re actually doing things that achieve them?

In whatever way you define success, you need to know the key elements that measure if you’re on the right track to achieving that success.

Most of achieving goals is measuring and adjusting and in order to do all of those things you must know what you’re measuring.

Today, take a moment to jot down what your goals are.  Write seven things that are necessary to make the achievement of those goals inevitable. Then ask yourself – How many of those seen things have you accomplished to date?

What are you focusing on to move them forward – strategic plan.

Then, it’s time to assess what you need to do to move forward on those goals or the adjustments (course corrections) you’re making to achieve those goals.

Best Practices from National Inspiration and Motivation Day

It’s important to ask yourself the following (interestingly enough these are questions normally asked at border crossings and it’s profound that you would ask these as you cross the border from one reality to another as you achieve your key objectives.

1. Where are you coming from?  Know exactly where you’ve been and acknowledge what you’ve accomplished so far.
2. How long have you been there?  Know how long you’ve been at the last stage or step towards your goal. Was it just “as planned” or where you there longer?
3. Where are you going? What’s the next destination in your journey towards success.

Date and steps to make these happen

One of my favorite saying is, “a goals is a dream with a date on it.” [tweet this!]

Without a date on the next steps, how will you be able to gauge and plan your success?  Earlier when you took each goal and wrote down the seven steps necessary to make the achievement of that goal inevitable,  did you put a date that you will achieve each of those steps?

Date it then get it.