Work-at-Home-Moms: Turning the Personal into Brand

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EDITOR’S NOTE:   Today’s guest post is by Megan Totka who is the Chief Editor for

Many women assume that the entry into parenthood means an exit – whether temporary or permanent – from the working world. While the first few weeks – or months, or years – of parenthood can certainly be all-consuming, becoming a mother doesn’t mean giving up on a career. In fact, being a stay-at-home mom may end up inspiring a whole new career path. You may just end up being a work-at-home mom instead.

Home-based business endeavors make up more than half of the businesses in the United States, and women run 30 percent of the small businesses in this country. Statistics like these should make it clear that motherhood doesn’t spell the end of professional life. In fact, embracing your new role, knowing your priorities, and turning your passions into a profession can help you build a whole new successful and satisfying career.

  • Find what you love. Focus on what inspires you, what makes you unique, and what you’d like to spend your time and energy doing. Remember: this is about turning what’s important to you into a successful business endeavor. If you truly take your unique talents and turn them into a brand, you’ll have no real competition.
  • Know your priorities. There is more than one path to success, and you won’t achieve your dreams by following the road to someone else’s. In other words: know what’s important to you. If you’re more interested in spending time with your family than you are in earning six figures, be sure to take that into account when planning and running your business. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean that you’re all business, all the time. You’ll feel much more successful if you remain true to yourself.
  • Set boundaries. Anyone who has worked from home knows that it’s easy to let household responsibilities creep into business hours. If you’ve created a schedule around your obligations and priorities, be certain to stick to it. Keep your work space clear of things like laundry and children’s toys. Better yet? Designate a separate room – or at least a completely separate space – to set up as your office. Keeping your home life and work life separate, even while they’re under the same roof, will stop them from encroaching on each other.
  • Tell your story. Now that you’ve found your passion, balanced your priorities, and set yourself up to run your business, you need to share the story of your brand with your potential customers. Sharing your unique persona with your audience will truly set you apart from potential competitors.

Though motherhood may interrupt or complicate career plans, it also has the potential to open up new worlds of possibility for women willing to take a chance on a business built around their unique interests and talents. Finding what you love, knowing your priorities, setting your boundaries, and sharing your unique story with your customers are the keys to turning the personal into a brand.


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