airport-1822133_640Business trips aren’t always easy, especially if you are travelling a lot. Your employer generally expects a lot from you within a short amount of time. Also, change of weather, less sleep and eating outside can disrupt your routine and as a result, decrease your health. Below you can find some tips for a stress free business trip.

  • Keep Healthy Snacks on Your Carry-On: If possible, eat well before you board the plane. The food on the flight may not be always healthy and can upset your stomach. If you don’t have the time to eat before your flight, eat the snacks you have on your carry-on bag. When you arrive at your destination, assuming that you don’t know the city, it may not be easy for you to find a restaurant for your taste. Keep some pills/vitamins with you as well.
  • Join a Rewards Program: Join an airline/travel/hotel rewards program and stick with it. Use your points to upgrade yourself to a better room or first class compartment. Also, loyal members of reward programs usually have privileges like priority on-boarding or free same day flight change. Another key point is to check in your flight online so you can skip the long lines at the airport.
  • Don’t Check In Your Luggage: If you are going for a day or two, use a carry-on luggage. This will both save you time when you land and eliminate the risk of losing your luggage when you transfer flights. If you need to check-in your luggage, at least pack spare clothes. In this case, you have a backup plan to fall back on. Moreover, don’t forget to check the weather before you pack your luggage.
  • Charge Everything: Charge all of your electronics before your flight. Keep travel charges with you unless you run out of battery. You never know if you will need your laptop during flight to work or immediately after flight for your meeting. Also, you may need to use map/gps applications from your cell phone when you arrive at your destination. Therefore, you should be prepared in advance.
  • Relax and Enjoy Your Time: If possible, do not sit with your coworkers during flight so you can avoid talking about work. Sit back and listen to some music, eat your sandwich, or take a nap. Use this time to charge yourself and get ready when you land. Don’t forget you are in a new city so do some sightseeing, if you have any spare time left.