Spruce Up Your Marketing Strategy with Email Design Trends 2023

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Email Design Trends 2023

Wouldn’t the email world be pedestrian if it was just plain text and stock photos? Well, thankfully that’s not the case. Email design has come a long way and it has grown from static images to GIFs, interactivity, and gamification. Every year, we see some new trends emerging in the email design realms and 2023 is no different.

Here are the email design trends you can look forward to in 2023.

1. Combination of illustrations, shapes, and real images

Static images, illustrations, and geometric shapes add to the visual aesthetics of an email when used individually. But when used together, they take the entire user experience to the next level. Illustrations and shapes in combination with images help in conveying the message more effectively and increase the likelihood of conversions.

2. Use of white space

White space or negative space helps eliminate clutter from the emails and make them more readable for the recipients. There are two methods of using white space in emails.

a. Passive white space

Blank section around the template edges and content, and the space between two sections is known as passive white space.

b. Active white space

When you add negative space around the important elements of the email like CTA, it is called active white space.

3. Geometric and abstract shapes

Geometric and abstract shapes make emails more fun. You can either use them in the header section as subtle illustrations or place them in the background. There is one more form of shapes that is expected to trend in 2023. It is a wave pattern. Adding waves in the email design breaks the email into small chunks that increase the readability. It also helps in drawing attention to the CTA or other crucial elements.

Here’s how Prismatic Plants uses wave patterns to separate the different sections and enhance comprehension for the readers.

prismatic plants ad


4. Neon colors

If you want to add a vibrant look to your email, neon colors are the perfect fit for you. They paint your image as a fun, youthful brand.
However, you must remember 3 things if you wish to embrace this trend in your next email campaign.

  1. Use neons judiciously
  2. Dark backgrounds help in enhancing the usage of neon colors
  3. Avoid using neon backgrounds as they can get a bit gaudy for the readers

5. Gradients with mute colors and neons

If you have been following email design trends year after year, you must have noticed the popularity of gradients in 2022. They are expected to be a rage even in 2023.
You can use gradients in two ways.

It can be a single color transitioning from light to dark or the opposite. Or you can use multiple colors that go from one to another to another.

There are three ways in which you can make gradients more interesting for the subscribers.

i. Use bold or subtle gradients based on the brand personality.
ii. Use it in the background or use it as a halo in the design
iii. Animate the gradients in the background

Hawthorne has used gradients and neons in their Halloween email.

Hawthorne deodorant ad


If you are looking for a workaround for the visual noise in the GIF, APNG or Animated Portable Network Graphics is for you. APNG is better than GIF as it supports 8-bit alpha transparency and 24-bit colors. It has a higher resolution which enhances the overall aesthetics of the email.
All the popular email clients barring Outlook.com support APNGs.

7. Animated CTAs

The ultimate goal of every email is to get people to click on the CTA and take action. So, how will you make the CTA stand out and compel the users to take action? How about animating the CTAs to draw attention? 2023 will see more animated CTAs. Brands can either animate the CTA with a GIF or CSS animation. It is possible to animate the CTA itself or add some animation around the CTA.

8. Memes

Memes have made it huge on social media. And they are all set to enter email designs too. While marketers used to be a bit reluctant to use memes in emails, they are more open to this design trend now and in the future.
Remember 3 points if you are planning to add memes to your emails.

  1. Get your team’s opinion and ask whether the meme can get offensive.
  2. The effectiveness of a meme is in its relatability with current events or trends.
  3. Make sure you give the necessary credit to the original creator or the source otherwise it can land you in legal trouble.

Wrapping Up

Email design is ever-changing and evolving. You ought to be in sync with the technological advancements and updates in the field to keep your subscribers hooked. So, do try out these design elements in your future emails and see how they resonate with the readers.