How to Use Social Media the Right Way for Building More Leads

Personal Branding
Social Media For Leads

Information overload and our ability to become commercial free has changed the old fashioned marketing funnel.  Attention getting tactics will no longer sell your products and services. Your brand audience now controls what they want to see whether this be on a smart phone, tablet, computer or television. Old methods simply don’t work anymore — learning what does will help you to navigate the new sales funnel landscape.

Today your company needs to connect with your online community and build relationships in a meaningful way.  Simply posting images and information that just “sells” to them no longer generates a response.

The one direction marketing of yesterday is no longer relevant for personal brands. Today’s marketing strategies are all about meeting the needs of your target market, and making adjustments when necessary. Here are several ways to build your personal brand and convert leads online.

Embracing the New Social Media Marketing Model

Smart social media marketing for your brand begins with a focused strategy. Start these steps today to make lasting connections:

  • Brand awareness – Every business has a story to share — this could be an event that is taking place or an important announcement. You don’t want to make the mistake of confusing this with the old style of advertisements. The goal here is to draw people to something that interests them and bringing it to their attention.
  • Build relationships first – Create something of value for your fans and followers without demanding something in return. As people are drawn to your knowledge and credibility, they will feel compelled to share your content with others. The more you meet their needs the better your chances are of building a strong community of trust.
  • Nurture your new followers – After building a trusted brand that provides valuable information, answers, and meeting the needs of your social community you may not see an immediate return, often referred to as ROI (Return on Investment). This is a normal part of the process as methods such as email marketing and videos are more important than ever when it comes to drawing in an interested audience. Stay persistent and patient in this process, and the sales will follow.
  • Know your target market – Pay attention to who your personal brand’s target audience is, especially when it comes to their location. Tap into analytics tools, which are available on the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is good practice to track and monitor your activity and conversations at least twice a month in order to make changes where necessary.

As social media marketing continues to evolve, it is important to build authentic and trusted relationships that encourage word of mouth marketing. By staying in communication with your leads and customers you can attract a larger following for lasting and sustained growth. For some added resources, check out these social media tools.