How Visual Content Can Improve Readership of Your Brand’s Emails

Personal Branding

An email marketing strategy is still one of the best ways your personal brand can connect with your audience in a meaningful way. The type of communication is important for increased sales and return customers. You can grab their attention in emails through strong visual aspects that are easy to read on mobile.

There are several ways that the right images and video can work for your brand, which should be well suited for your message and brand image. Visual content can enhance your emails whether you include a photo or video that tells a story, illustrates important points, or urges readers to take action.

If you are losing subscribers or have lower open rates then adding a mix to your content could help boost your leads and sales. Here are several ways your email marketing messages can be more appealing:

  • Keep it simple – Use small sizes on your photos and videos with less detail in order to avoid crowding out your text. Keep in mind that your readers may be viewing your messages on mobile devices, and want to get to your email as quickly as possible. Too many visual graphics can slow the loading speed down and cost you in lead generation.
  • Text needs to be the priority – Include relevant visuals to accompany your written email. It’s best practice to place your images above the fold in the preview pane. This helps to draw the reader’s attention to your message and call to action.
  •  Use a branded color scheme – Harmonize your templates with the colors you’re already using on your other online platforms. Choose images that stick with the theme you already have in place that your audience can easily recognize.
  • Include alt tags – Keep in mind that some recipients’ email services won’t load images immediately if at all. What they will see is the description instead of the picture. For example, use a tag that reads, ‘learn how to master social media now’ rather than one that reads, ‘image of eBook cover.’

Although there’s a trend towards clean, simple email designs, visuals could be a great compliment to help your brand stand out. It’s always important to send out test messages before your real broadcast to make sure the formatting looks good. If the formatting or image is done wrong, this can lead to losing your existing subscribers as well as new ones.