Team Activity

Summer is already here and it is three months long. Unfortunately, most of us cannot go to vacation for three months but even if we are in the office, we can still enjoy the long summer days and bring summer into the office. Below you can find how:

  • Change Your Commute Routine: Instead of taking the metro or bus, why not cycle or even walk to the office? In this way, you can enjoy the nice weather outside and feel the sun.
  • Plan an Office BBQ Day: Everybody loves BBQ, especially during summer. Therefore, plan an outdoor BBQ for your office or team. This will also help people get together and socialize.
  • Work Outside: Take your laptop and go work in the garden of your office. If you can work remotely, you can also go work at a park or even at a beach.
  • Get Hydrated: Don’t forget to stay hydrated during long summer days. Have a bottle of water at your desk all the time. Also, instead of drinking coffee or soda, try drinking a cool glass of lemonade to feel that you are in summer.
  • Decorate Your Desk with Summer Photos: You can place photos from your previous summer vacations on your desk to remember those fun days. This will also give you motivation to plan your trip for this summer.
  • Start Earlier, Leave Earlier: Days are longer during summer. Sun rises earlier and sets later. For this reason, get to the office a little early and finish off early to enjoy the rest of your afternoon and maybe you can socialize with your friends or loved ones during the rest of the day.
  • Ice Cream Break: Ice cream is not only for kids and it makes everyone happy. Thus, why not give yourself an ice cream break in the afternoon? You can walk to the nearest ice cream shop from your office and take a little break.
  • Have Some Flowers in the Office: Flowers clean the air. Also, they look and smell nice. In addition, they give you joy when you look at them. Therefore, put some fresh flowers around the office or on to your desk to brighten up your day.
  • Listen to the Summer Songs: Turn on your radio and listen to the summer tunes. Some Caribbean or Hawaiian music can make you feel that you are already in vacation. If you find music distracting while working, you can listen to it when you are driving.