As I write articles on how an entrepreneur should brand themself, I’ve been receiving questions on WHY an entrepreneur should focus on personal branding. Here are some of the reasons why every entrepreneur should focus on personal branding:

Why brand yourself?

You are the face of your brand/company
As an entrepreneur, you are the main representative of your business. Being that you are the one with the most at stake to the success of the company, you have the most desire and passion to see it succeed. If you are working on your personal brand, you are in essence working on your business as well.

When you receive publicity, your company receives publicity
A strong personal brand will generally lead to more media appearances. Being that you probably do not have a PR firm, your company needs every type of publicity it can get. When you have a media appearance, you can normally get a plug or mention for your business – therefore ensuring that the more you work on your personal brand the more publicity the business will get.

It helps put things into perspective
When you work on your personal brand, it helps you realize your strengths and weaknesses. When you make this realization, it’ll help you determine what parts of the business you should focus more on and what parts you might need to seek outside help.

Your brand is directly tied into your business
The stronger your personal brand, the better it’ll be for your business. When people know they are doing work with your firm and learn about the strong qualities/traits of the person behind it, they will feel more comfortable. If you get one new sale or strong lead out of your personal branding, how could that not already be a success?