For three years, I’ve had a spot on our local CBS station as the local “go to” person for questions about branding, marketing and business.  In addition to that Thursday morning spot, any time they need a snippet of information, a quote or a comment, the local media comes to me first.  This has translated into statewide and even national recognition as well as articles in national publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine.  This didn’t happen by accident. Here’s what you can do to make it with the media.  Start in your local market, no matter the industry you are in and become that big fish in the small pond.  You can expand after wards.  For right now, start solid in your current locale.

Sales without selling

If you “sell” things on the web and also want to be viewed as an expert in your field, then you need two distinct sites.  One, has your sales oriented website (selling your products (or you), services, programs or workshops) and the other is your web portfolio. The web portfolio includes nothing for sale on it.  The media doesn’t want anyone interviewed who will say “In my book, I cover that” or for more information “you have to buy this.”  You will have moments when those opportunities will be provided for you but first you must earn the right to be heard.

In your web portfolio include:

  • Current head shot
  • Unique value proposition (UVP – what you alone deliver in your unique style)
  • Signature story
  • Audio/video supporting your UVP
  • Testimonials
  • Current appearances listed (could be local publications; a talk at a local organization or scho0l)
  • Topics that are your expert area
  • And, a custom URL that reflects your personal brand

Create a one sheet on your area expertise for the media, public talks and positioning opportunities:

  • Topic
  • Brief Summary (2 sentences or 140 characters – no more)
  • Four reporter questions (do not provide answers)

Now, you’re ready to take your passion and propel it into a stellar public performance!