Nothing is worse than seeing a personal brand with great potential ruined by poor leadership qualities. This is often a person who exhibits traits of blind authoritarianism, forgets their own accountability, and lacks listening skills. Do you know a person like this?

Whether or not you’re currently in a leadership role, an intelligent grasp of how to lead can propel your personal brand in a beneficial direction. The ability to lead fearlessly, express your passion, and motivate yourself and others will not only turn heads, but also change your career.

The following traits are those often possessed by truly inspirational leaders. While it’s very rare to see a personal brand possessing all of them, harnessing a few has a variety of benefits:

1. Flawless communication. Your leadership potential will be lost without the proper communication skills. The ability to clearly communicate your ideas, goals, and expectations in a way that can be understood by all is a necessity. Effective communication will generate trust and loyalty in all who encounter your brand.

2. Never fear mistakes. Strong leadership comes from the ability to understand the importance of mistakes. A personal or team-based creative process has the chance of being ripe speed bumps. Smart leaders don’t punish other’s mistakes or beat themselves up over a few negatives, they power through these challenges and come out more motivated and inspired to succeed.

3. Understand who you are. Truly talented leaders understand their personal brands. They can easily identify their strengths and weaknesses, and they work constantly to best adapt themselves to situations thrown their way. These are the kind of people who thrive on feedback.

4. Be a role model, not a dictator. Gaining respect from those who regularly encounter your brand is best done through exemplifying ideal behaviors and characteristics. Some of the most influential leaders guide their businesses, teams, and customers by modeling qualities they wish to see in others.

5. Listen up. Sometimes the greatest understanding comes when you stop talking and start listening. Many leaders place too strong of an emphasis on the sound of their voice. Smart leaders are keen listeners who not only hear what others are saying, but have the ability to analyze and consider it. This allows them to be actively aware of their surroundings.

6. Guide with encouragement and motivation. Creating drive in others while regularly encouraging ideas is an unmatched leadership ability. You might hold the final say on decisions, but your employees or team members feel empowered to actively create ideas and plans. The best motivational leaders do so through pure influence — they never need to rouse their teams through speeches or threats.

7. An eye for recognition. The best leaders understand the importance of not only recognizing others, but also providing them with a reward. This technique will positively affect your personal brand through the engagement and happiness of others. Your ability to see and thank individuals for their hard work will gain brand loyalty.

8. They look to the future. Not only can great leaders view the future, they also know how to make the strides to get there. Understanding and seeing the bigger picture will allow you to effectively transform others to do so.

9. Ooze passion. Passion isn’t something that can be taught. Leaders who are truly passionate about their vision are certain to transform those around them. Some of the most influential leaders of our time had unwavering passion, which was harnessed and expressed through their team. Inspiring passion can completely change the way you do things and the influence you have on others.

10. Exude positivity. Optimism isn’t always easy, but negative leaders never go far. Frustrations and challenges come and go, but a positive attitude can conquer all. Your team will take notice and follow suit.

Simply acquiring these extraordinary leadership traits isn’t easy, but even taking small steps to be better in any one of these areas can create a wave of positivity for your personal brand.