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  • 10 Step Advanced Guide to Blogging Your Personal Brand

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    Dan Schawbel is the Managing Partner of Millennial Branding, a Gen Y research and consulting firm. He is the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Promote Yourself: The New Rules For Career Success (St. Martin’s Press) and the #1 international bestselling book, Me 2.0: 4 Steps to Building Your Future (Kaplan Publishing), which combined have been translated into 15 languages.

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    13 comments on “10 Step Advanced Guide to Blogging Your Personal Brand
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      Great post and you are spot on as usual. Have a great new years.

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      Chris Cairns says:

      Great article. I picked up a few good points, especially on content partnering.

      If you do have some cash for a custom blog design, I wrote two articles on my blog that may help you in finding a great designer and outsourcing your design.

      Chris Cairns
      Smartlife: The Life Automation Guide

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      Jay Krall says:

      Hi Dan, cool post, lots of great tips for bloggers. For what it’s worth, I usually advise people to eschew tools like Twitter Updater. If you’re trying to connect with people in a personal way, it’s worth your time to tweet links to your posts manually. Thanks for the list of ranking sites!

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      Thanks for the awesome blogpost. Couldn’t agree more with the points mentioned above especially 1st and 2nd. Whatever you do, make sure you standout. Hosting your own blog and choosing a unique theme go a long way towards that.

      Best Wishes,

      @shinils on Twitter – http://twitter.com/shinils

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      Ari Herzog says:

      Please please please do not host blogs on GoDaddy. It’s an excellent registrar but I have heard too many sorrow tales about poor customer service from blog hosting. I’ll plug my blog host, Tubu, which you can reach at bloghost.me, for excellent customer service and reasonable plans… I look forward to your own domain, Dan, as I’ve wondered that for some time; and I do hope you will install the “Subscribe to Comments” plugin for I never know if you reply to my comments here.

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      Trish Dionne says:

      This is a timely post. I’m in desperate need to update my website, but was really unsure how to break away from a blog host.


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      what agreat guy you are> Your ability to share information at your dispoal is almost unparalel

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      I have been hosting my site and appreciated a couple of the plugins you mentioned and will definitely add them. As far as hosting goes, I use Hostmonster and have had no issues with them. Great post.


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      make money says:

      reading your blog daily its great??

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      Good tips as always Dan.

      I’d like to offer #11: Take the blog off the blog. Make some business cards that match your blog and hand them out to folks who could benefit from your message.

      Attend some conferences (attend BarCamps if your budget is limited) and meet others like you and not like you (or who can help you with your blog).

      Do some phone interviews so you can talk to those gurus you interview (http://freeconference.com is perfect for this).

      Go to local coffee shops with your laptop and put your logo on the back of your laptop so folks who are walking by are more apt to strike up a conversation.

      Make sure you post on your blog or via Twitter when you’re going to be visiting a new city and make time for lunch, dinner or a cup of coffee with at least 1 cool person.

      Take the blog off the blog, and make it a GREAT 2009!

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      raiderhost says:

      the best article for personal branding.

      can i publish for indonesia language in my blog ?

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      rickkgoh says:

      Great info, might wanna do it when I can get the time

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      Rich Taylor says:

      Incredibly helpful and well written series (beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert) on how to blog. Well done and TY.

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