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    You’ve Got the Job Offer, Now What?


    You’ve been thinking about it. You’ve been dreaming about it. Now it’s in your hand or at least in your inbox. That job offer you’ve been dreaming of is finally here.

    Now what?

    All your hard work. All your research. All your effort’s, including time away from family, friends, and fun activities.

    First off … …

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    You Don’t Have to Be a People Person to Make It Online


    Who wants to deal with the hustle and bustle of a 9 to 5? Waking up at the crack of dawn, rushing to your morning commute, bumping into a bunch of strangers along the way, and drowning in client meetings for 8 hours. Doesn’t sound like too much fun, does it? The internet has become …

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    Job Hunting Through The Holidays


    Can I tell you a little secret?

    Smart people keep job hunting through the holidays.

    Smart people realize a few things about job hunting through the holidays:

    There is less competition Hiring managers are still looking HR professionals get to pick from a very smart and select group

    Family Will Understand

    Your friends and family …

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    The Secret to Maintaining Week-Long Productivity


    Our job is important. It’s how most of us put food in our belly and Louboutins on our feet. It’s where we spend one-third of our entire lives. It’s even where one in five of us will meet the person we marry.

    Yet too many of us arrive stressed on Monday and leave exhausted by …

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    Here’s How to Get a Job with BANG


    BANG is not what you think! BANG is an acronym that stands for Barnes And Noble Group. It’s a job search networking group that was started over ten years ago at a time I was in transition. One day, at a job search networking group meeting, I was approached by another job seeker asking me …

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    Maintain Balance for Positive Results


    Work life balance is the typical thought heard, but this just refers to the hours put in. Examining business further brings about many areas in which balance may take place.

    Some of the differing areas to consider:

    Cultural differences and experiences Technical versus creative ideas Senior versus junior generations

    Teamwork within companies is vital to …

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    Ways to Use Holiday Season to Your Advantage


    You can always develop your career if you really want and believe it or not holidays are perfect for it. During holiday season, it is easier to get in touch with people because you have a perfectly valid reason for it.  Therefore, it is up to you to use this excuse and advance your career. …

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    Business Card for People In-Transition


    In America, if you don’t have a business card, you’re a nobody. And nobody likes to be a nobody. I’ve been using that catchy phrase for years because I want people to remember the importance of having a business card—especially when in transition. Why so? Because more than ever, those in transition absolutely have to …

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    There is No Free Lunch


    Subtitled: As the water cooler goes … So goes the company.

    When the water stops being delivered … When the sodas are not stocked … When the Odwalla’s stop showing up …

    You know the free lunch is coming to an end.

    One simple observation is:

    As the water cooler goes … So goes the …

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    Avoid Ruining Your Personal Image


    When you feel disappointed, you feel let down because your expectations failed to be met. Little children at times express their reactions to disappointment by crying; adults deal with disappointment more maturely—through logic. Regardless of your age, though, disappointment evokes strong emotions.

    Those in job transition have a heightened sense of awareness of such emotional …

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