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    How to Let Go of Line Level Tasks


    Let’s pretend you just started a new job at a large marketing firm as a head of customer service. The first week, the CEO sits next to you every day. For 8 hours, you listen to her rattle on and on about how to answer phones “the right way.” On day one, you’re polite. You …

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    You’ve Got 3 Minutes. What Will You Say?


    Everything cannot be boiled down to 3 minute increments.

    Nor should they be..

    However, there are times when that’s all the time you have. Sometimes you have even less. Perhaps as little as 8 seconds. (Have I already lost you?)

    Do you need the full three minutes?

    For the sake of argument let’s just say …

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    Earn It… Every Day!


    Consultants already know this.

    Professional athletes already know this.

    Full-time employees should also know this.

    Earn it… every day!

    You have to commit to it. You have to Earn It … Every Day.

    If you’re working as a consultant you know you’ve got to deliver every single day. If you’re a professional athlete you got …

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    15 Jobs That Didn’t Exist 30 Years Ago


    Colonial Life Insurance has recently put together a great infographic about jobs which didn’t exist 30 years ago. By looking at these jobs, we can see that technology and internet has changed many things in our lives. Other than technology related roles, there are also jobs related to new trends such as a “Zumba Instructor.” …

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    Overhaul Your About Me with These 5 Tips


    Not everyone gets overjoyed at the thought of rewriting their About Me. But, if you maintain any sort of digital presence, it’s a necessary evil. Give your professional bio a makeover with these five tips.

    1. Show off your personality.

    Don’t be too stiff or serious (unless that’s how you are in real life.) Use …

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    Work Your Plan / Plan Your Work


    A few years ago one of my colleagues at Microsoft used to say this all the time.

    “Working my plan.”

    He said it matter-of-factly and without much fanfare.

    This is what he would say every time someone asked him:

    How’s it going? What’s going on? Or, What are you working on?

    Initially I thought this …

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    Don’t Let Anything Hold You Back


    You have come across with an opportunity of a lifetime and you have to make a decision. However, this decision is not easy and involves you to change your life completely or get out of your comfort zone or start everything from scratch. Therefore, part of you wants to go for it badly but your …

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    Millennials Adapt to Change Quickly


    Companies are not permitted to discriminate in hiring based on a candidate’s age, because such discrimination is illegal. And yet they do it every day. Why? Why are younger people considered more desirable in the workplace? The simple answers are that they require less compensation; they’re hungry because they need to accumulate wealth for future …

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    How to Change Your Career


    You feel that you are stuck in a job that doesn’t satisfy you. You want to change your career but don’t know where to start or how to do it. You also need your paycheck so you don’t want to quit your job before finding your dream career. In this case, the below 5 step …

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    Why Your Staff All Hate HR (and what to do about it)


    The perfect medium between a company and its employees, an entire department dedicated to keeping your employees engaged, or the secret henchmen of the boss, there to do all the dirty work for the guys at the top.

    So, which is it?

    The truth is, in a business world where leaders and managers are increasingly …

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