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    15 Inspirational Quotes from Celebrities


    Everyone can have downtimes especially at work. If you feel like you have been staring at the excel spreadsheet in your computer screen for the past hour and don’t want to do anything, you may need some inspiration to be able to refunction. Look at the below motivational quotes and write the ones you like …

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    Five Points for Thinking Handy


    Build your soft skills by building things.

    Building things build skills

    Whether you are building a spreadsheet or a tiny house.

    Building things builds skills.

    Do you remember how it felt to create something, finish it, look at it and enjoy it?

    Are you handy?

    Seventeen years ago this week I lost my dad. One …

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    Why Older Job Seekers Are Being Rejected


    Once you reach a certain threshold of maturity, fewer job opportunities are available because you get stereotyped. It’s a fact in most cases. But why? There are several reasons. First, in today’s exponential advancement of technological developments, younger people seem to catch on and to be able to adapt much faster than older folks can. …

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    Regaining Efficiency and Focus in Today’s Digital World


    There’s an irony to digital connectivity. On one hand, we need our phones and internet connection to work and remain productive.

    On the other, repeated studies have shown that continued digital access impairs our focus, promotes procrastination, damages memory, increases anxiety and hinders ability to complete complex tasks.

    In essence, what was meant to increase …

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    Three Words to Why You Need a Mentor





    Here are three words as to why you need a mentor. They may seem a little controversial, but please let me explain. Stay with me.

    I’m going to take a few minutes and explain what I mean about each word and why they are important to you ,,, and to why you …

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    Tips to Get Your Employer Pay for Your Education


    Everybody wants to improve their skills and advance their career. However, employer funded training/education is a rare benefit. Companies don’t want to pay for the training expenses of their employees because they believe that after they get new skills, they will change their jobs and go somewhere else. However, this is not necessarily the case. …

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    We’ve Gone In a Different Direction


    Have you heard this line before?

    It’s a fluffy and noncommittal line from someone who thinks they’re trying to let you down easy.

    In reality it’s a starting point for you to possibly continue the conversation, take the conversation in a different direction, and to help you stand out in your career.

    Disappointing? Yes! A …

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    How to Let Go of Line Level Tasks


    Let’s pretend you just started a new job at a large marketing firm as a head of customer service. The first week, the CEO sits next to you every day. For 8 hours, you listen to her rattle on and on about how to answer phones “the right way.” On day one, you’re polite. You …

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    You’ve Got 3 Minutes. What Will You Say?


    Everything cannot be boiled down to 3 minute increments.

    Nor should they be..

    However, there are times when that’s all the time you have. Sometimes you have even less. Perhaps as little as 8 seconds. (Have I already lost you?)

    Do you need the full three minutes?

    For the sake of argument let’s just say …

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    Earn It… Every Day!


    Consultants already know this.

    Professional athletes already know this.

    Full-time employees should also know this.

    Earn it… every day!

    You have to commit to it. You have to Earn It … Every Day.

    If you’re working as a consultant you know you’ve got to deliver every single day. If you’re a professional athlete you got …

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