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    Why We Hate Interns


    With 16 years of teaching at the executive level of business at several major universities, I have had my fill of students asking me to arrange internships for them. It’s one of the oddest parts of teaching, in fact. The reason it’s so strange for students to ask me to place them in an internship? …

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    What Do You Give A Mentor at Thanksgiving?


    Mentors are an uncelebrated group of devoted individuals, who often give their time in return for nothing more than your carrying on their legacy of giving back. If you have a mentor, you know the advice, conversations, guidance, interest and encouragement may be the single greatest determinant of your success. A mentor can help you …

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    20 Inspirational Career Quotes to Help You Keep Going


    Everyone can have downtimes especially at work. If you feel like you have been staring at the excel spreadsheet in your computer screen for the past hour and don’t want to do anything, you may need some inspiration to be able to refunction. Look at the below motivational quotes and write the ones you like …

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    Skills, Passion and Execution – Tips for Hiring Managers


    Hire for Smarts.

    Dig for Passion.

    Look for proof of Execution.

    When hiring someone … or looking for a job yourself … these are three things you should be aware of and using to insure you find the right fit or are the right fit.

    These are especially true whether you are freelancing, consulting or …

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    Do You Know Your Employee Worth?


    We know our credit score when shopping for a new car and our buying power when purchasing a home, but when it comes to our value as employees, many of us have no clue of our worth. Sure we can get a sense of the salary different roles command, but how much someone should be …

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    Tips for Developing your Quantified Self


    How do you measure your efforts?

    What do you measure?

    What don’t you measure?

    I recently read an article in the Harvard Business Review by Michael Schrage about Developing your Quantified Self. The point of the article was that interviewing people is changing. Instead of asking seemingly irrelevant questions like:

    How many golf balls would …

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    Stand Out in Your Email to an Employer


    Hiring managers are inundated with resumes. Before opening a resume, they critique the email that it comes with. This means your email address, your written communication, your spelling, and your attitude are all evaluated, before they even look at your resume.

    In reading Lazlo Bock’s NY Times Best-selling Book, WORK Rules, I learned some valuable …

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    How to Write a More Persuasive Email


    Email persuasion is about what you say and when you say it.

    Aspects such as the day of the week, frequency of communication, consistency in tone and the right amount of simplicity all factor in our ability to persuade via written correspondence. They are the main variables that comprise influential email formulation.

    Whether you are …

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    5 Ways To Get Yourself Out Of A Career Funk


    Having an “off” day is one thing; feeling like you’re constantly churning with no end in sight can exhaust you and result in a life of misery. In an era where the lines are blurry between work and life, feeling an overwhelming drudgery for your work is unhealthy for the mind and physical being.

    Whether …

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    5 Ways Women Give Away Power


    The history of women in the workplace began 250 years ago with The Daughters of Liberty, the first society of working women that was organized to boycott British goods. In 1903, 138 years later, the first National Women’s Trade Union League was formed. This league advocated for higher wages and improved working conditions for women.…

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