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    How You Can Listen to Your Customers

    If you want your customers keep buying from you, you need to pay attention to what they say. Also, if you want them to stay loyal to your business, you should solve their problems. Otherwise, they will go to your competitors. Therefore, in order to keep making money, you should listen to your customers. Below …

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    Renovation Tips to Revitalize Your Office

    Sometimes an office lacks personality or needs a modern update. What reasons do you have for considering renovation of your office? Is the aim to improve work environment or appeal to a wider clientele?

    It’s important to look at your needs before you dive into the renovation process, and if you decide the changes will …

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    How to Get Ready for Generation Z

    In a few years, a new generation, Gen Z, will take over the work force. Unlike any other generation, this generation was born with technology so they are true digital natives. They can do many things in seconds using their phones such as editing a document, buying a plane ticket, taking photos and videos and …

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    Why Design and Decor Matters in the Workplace

    Office décor and design can have a big impact on your business because it affects employees’ morale, productivity and health. Therefore, office should be a place where all employees feel comfortable and want to come for work. With small and simple changes, you can make big differences in the design of your office and create …

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    Tax Deductions Your Small Business Can’t Afford to Miss

    As a small business owner, you’re always on the hunt to efficiently save money. Whether you’re a sole proprietor or you operate with a small team, you and your business can benefit from taking the tax deductions you qualify for. Unfortunately, many small business owners aren’t aware of what they’re able to deduct.

    If you …

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    Are Refurbished Electronics Smart for Your Business?

    Electronics can be one of the most expensive parts of running a business. Because you need to have up-to-date technology for your employees to use, you can quickly rack up a lot of debt just buying computers and other electronics for your office. Is it really necessary to buy brand new computers and phones?

    In …

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    Be Amazon-Like While Staying True to Your Brand

    Once upon a time, back in the 1990s, ecommerce was the new frontier and there could only be one champion. That champion was Amazon, holding its reigning title for well over a decade. Amazon is known worldwide as “The Everything Store,” with revenue over $30 billion per quarter, and everyone is rushing to be Amazon-like, …

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    Office Rules that Drive Employees Away

    Every company has its own rules but unfortunately, some of them cross the line. Let’s look at some ridiculous company rules below which will make you appreciate your own employer.

    Internet Restrictions: Companies do not want their employees to kill time on social media or on video sites. However, sometimes using social media or watching …

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    Elevate Your Nonprofit by Learning From These 5 Technologies

    Nobody — especially the private sector and government sector — knows how to do more with nothing as well as a nonprofit organization. Stakeholders understandably want costs to be kept in check, yet enacting change in whatever field you’re dedicated to can be a long and expensive process. Resources can still be hard to come …

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    8 Ways the Best Places to Work Are Nailing Culture

    What sets your company apart from others in the same field? You probably have something up your sleeve about how you provide the best service or amazing contracts for your clients, but what makes you different for your employees? Your sole focus shouldn’t be on attracting new customers, after all. Making sure you’re set up …

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