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    Office Rules that Drive Employees Away

    Every company has its own rules but unfortunately, some of them cross the line. Let’s look at some ridiculous company rules below which will make you appreciate your own employer.

    Internet Restrictions: Companies do not want their employees to kill time on social media or on video sites. However, sometimes using social media or watching …

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    Elevate Your Nonprofit by Learning From These 5 Technologies

    Nobody — especially the private sector and government sector — knows how to do more with nothing as well as a nonprofit organization. Stakeholders understandably want costs to be kept in check, yet enacting change in whatever field you’re dedicated to can be a long and expensive process. Resources can still be hard to come …

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    8 Ways the Best Places to Work Are Nailing Culture

    What sets your company apart from others in the same field? You probably have something up your sleeve about how you provide the best service or amazing contracts for your clients, but what makes you different for your employees? Your sole focus shouldn’t be on attracting new customers, after all. Making sure you’re set up …

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    5 Ways to Convey Quality to Your Customers

    With so much competition for the same set of customers, savvy business people have to figure out how to cut through the noise to get customers’ attention.

    Customers today are able to do a quick search on products and services to access consumer reports, ratings and opinions. In fact, seventy-five percent of B2B customers rely …

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    Why Your Staff All Hate HR (and what to do about it)

    The perfect medium between a company and its employees, an entire department dedicated to keeping your employees engaged, or the secret henchmen of the boss, there to do all the dirty work for the guys at the top.

    So, which is it?

    The truth is, in a business world where leaders and managers are increasingly …

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    8 Tips for Designing a Conference Room That’ll Wow Clients

    A meeting room can leave a strong impression on clients. It can either help them come up with fresh, creative ideas, or it can distract them with how uncomfortable and stuffy it is. If you want your clients to remember the former rather than the latter in your next meeting, here are ways to infuse …

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    Swag Success: How to Use Customized Products for Branding

    Consumers love swag. Whether it’s merchandise from their favorite sports team, movie or video game, the promotional products sector is a multi-billion dollar market. After all, most of us cherish the act of receiving and displaying promotional products based on the franchises we love. The idea behind using swag to advertise and promote your business …

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    Think Like a Brand

    As a companion piece to an earlier post about important elements of branding, I felt it apropos to discuss the intellectual aspects of brand activity. Why do I refer to it as brand activity? Because your brand must be active. All of the elements within are actions that keep your brand alive. Thus, because a …

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    Working for a Startup vs. a Corporation

    Both types of companies have advantages and disadvantages. Below you can have a look at them.


    Corporate companies provide a safer environment. They are financially secure so you can be sure that you will receive your paycheck every month. You have a defined job role. Everybody knows their responsibilities. Therefore, it is enough to…
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    Branding Lesson: Revels, Advocate

    As much as I enjoy discussing the similarities between personal and corporate branding, it is just as important to examine the relationship between the two as well as the nuances within. No matter your career “vertical,” an understanding of the way these two types of branding are connected coupled with the points where you can …

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